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device KICKED
go outside retard
ONLY University students allowed
You can easily get 100% on a multiple choice test, but that will only be worth 20% of your grade for that module (in ur time at uni with a 3yr course you do 24 modules ish) so its not like school wher...
ONLY University students allowed
Yea they get the same 'grade' but it is impossible to get 100%, you have done amazing if you get 80%. The system here is weird, if you go to a top 5 uni and get 60% (2:1) it is more valued than gettin...
ONLY University students allowed
Have different for all modules. some I have 1st, a couple 2:1 and 1 or 2 (out of 16 done so far) I fucked up and got 2:2 :(
ONLY University students allowed
just a percentage on assignments + exams in an average Highest grade is called 'First Degree' Lowest passing grade is a Third degree 1st = 70% 2:1 = 60% 2:2 = 50% 3rd = 40%
ONLY University students allowed
I dont have this system
Best rapper
young Jennifer Connelly
absolute trash, go to sleep 13yr old kid
I guess your football team & player
he's not smart but man kick ball
I guess your football team & player
suck cock? home of the best league ever, top 15 national team and great historic teams. I don't think the FeWC counts lmao fat ugly cunt
University Outdated?
u cant use a degree to get a job if you printed it yourself
I guess your football team & player
u can rename it when you win a WC so we are pretty fucking safe
Best non-german hltv
I guess your football team