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Whiskey suggestion
It's personally what do you value the most but IMO the best of them are: Ballantine's/Jack Daniels/Chivas/Black Label
RIP Astralis
I know, you probably don't know the polish language but you can see the damage (the owner used it as a normal user):
I've heard few negative reviews about Akracing's durability. If I was you, I would buy Dxracer's one.
Fixed THE SCENE IN 2019
ATM Faze needs IGL. It's really hard to tell if Faze would risk to add new high-skilled player as S1mple
Fixed THE SCENE IN 2019
good articule, my predictions are very similar but Faze won't add 2 new awpers
Lviv is polish?
I know lots Ukrainians who want to live in Poland. Unoficially probably ATM there are about 2 milions here. I know situation in Ukraine and if people in Lviv wanted to live in Poland I really would ...
Worst CSGO player of all time ?
Give me a good loadout
UMP Artic Wolf or Carbon Fiber and maybe USP and M1A1 Cyrex
0/8 - TOAO +Furlan or Gruby could make VP top 5
Fixing Polish teams
true :/ VP won't let players go away
Fixing Polish teams
Create polish superteam: Nobody who already reached major because they haven't got motivation to be the best anymore. - snatchie (AWPer) - MICHU (Entry) - furlan (IGL) - Gruby (Lurker/Support) - and 5...
Problem with G402 help pls
No, I just have keys like 'Q' and 'E' like these from keyboard. And normally I can peek in PUBG, throw nades in CS:GO, use flash in LOL etc. Nothing changes settings in games.
Problem with G402 help pls
I have G502. In Logitech's software you can switch on or off between built-in memory.
100€ for you
Maybe your comp is infected and uses some CPU and GPU for crypto virus.