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ZyWoo, "path correction aim assist" and more...
sometimes your aim is just on point. today i dropped 34 frags in regular time with +60% hs rate and quad kill clutch on pistol which was really clean. and these guys are pros. their skill level ia i...
its clunky, because your body is turned towards the wall but you dont move straight towards the wall when coming from jgl/kitchen or ct spawn. strafejump into it feels the smoothest.
fastest is strafejumping into it. so yeah doesnt even need to get fixed.
60hz still relevant?
60hz, wtf is that?
Cloud 9 bench Golden, Karrigan to replece him.
i didnt pay much attention and thought this was real news. 6/8 worked on me, but i was busy
you are so stupid, thats sad
Given 9 months to live
cya in 10 years.
FaZe Tarik is a JOKE
+1 if you cut out the major performance( everyone has his moments) he has average skill for barely tier 1 and would play with gods of cs.
well nobody on that team has actually skill to compete with top teams except autimatic and rush sometimes but he rarely goes off.
germans toxic again
probably because of fresh mindset, not overthinking and relaxed muscles, mind
germans toxic again
is it weird when i play much better if i keep my daily hours low? like 40-50h/2weeks i play my best and +80/2weeks i play really bad.
first time you saw a naked female IRL
ask your mom. dont remember exactly at what i was. did she age well in this period?
germans toxic again
+1 superiority complex
germans toxic again
i wen through all your matches. you barely get +1kd in games. usually the graph is under 1 and that is not only lately. but you play at least soloq, that was true. ill give u that. and you managed ...
germans toxic again
give me link to your account thats all i need. because i dont believe in germans doing soloq and getting lvl 10.