No onhan se suomen kieli niin outo, eikö?
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I Name 7 Countries
Best: Finland, Germany, Spain, Norway, UK, Portugal, Belgium, NL, Luxembourg, Switzerland is the top 10 of the best countries
Top 3 players of all time
gtr bot for 3 yrs and hasnt won anything in 3 yrs.
100 Thieves vs ENCE
top 8 is a fucking joke LUL
Zeeland visits, what do you say?
smoke joints and have fun.
So fluke Top flukes: Gambit>Avangar>C9>Immortals>flukia
Europeans come
Eu countries are richer, norway,luxembourg,liechtenstein, denmark and switzerland per capita and we dont have trump and we have beautiful lands without shitty oil companies ruining it. Trump -100000 p...
2018 S1mple or 2019 Zywoo
Zywoo has played 3+ ez tuer 3 tournaments that he won easily vs s1mples only t1s and some t2s
North vs Liquid
ah yes, the lack of results in a whole year and "teamplay and strategy".
Finland sword attack???
bang bang bang
Finland sword attack???
Mainos televisio, Commercial TV, is owned by Swedish conglomerate Bonnier.
Finland sword attack???
-10000 Happened on home soil and we dont want violent attacks in our schools like retard usa
Finland sword attack???
Thankfully we cant buy guns if were mentally ill/retarded like most of the us population and have strivt rulings on what type of ammunition etc. As far as I know you cant get a stronger gun than a bol...
Finland sword attack???
SStar Wars : Haydrich hit the gas!
Finland sword attack???
I mean your explination is in the text you wrote..third world people are more deranged and useless compared to europeans
Finland sword attack???
Isolated ah yes. Greenlandic flag and what else