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Am I a twat?
You're not. Since you care about that person. And if you actually feel bad for not talking with him, talk with him. Don't care what your friend tells you to do. Stay happy and boost other people up wh...
Am I sexist?
Don't worry about that. She is just a lonely feminist.
6 feet and 7 inches penis size?
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
4,5k Coldzera unranked but was global back in the day when I actually cared Don't really watch movies anymore.
be honest 18+
Male 201cm
Tall guys come
I'm 201 cm and I don't care what an article thinks.
I'm 6,7 so that would low-key be pretty cool but extremely weird at the same time. xD
"Brazil Had No Era"
Definition of an era is "a long and distinct period of history."
R8 my life
You feel insecure, don't you?
Can I get a gf if I’m fat?
Bro, that just sounds stupid. And I'm not trying to attack you but what you really need is confidence and how do you build confidence you may ask? Start with reminding yourself of what you have accomp...
i’ll get beaten up
Start doing boxing or Muaythai or some shit. It really boosts your confidence, almost immediately. Because not only will it boost your confidence but you will be able to learn some really important th...
Top 10 IGLs
What you're saying is fucking stupid. Karrigan is the IGL he is the mind reader of his opponents. He focus more on what the enemies are doing than what he is doing. Come on now.
I guess your rank
19 SK Coldzera Fallen 3300 h
If FaZe wins the major
I post this at 15-14. Let's see! HAHA :D https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=291575798&token=dYUj8b8s
i will FIX any team
Replacing Karrigan with Tabsen. Nice