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Swole Patrol --> IBP
Yeah I don't get it. Kill off the early scene in your (potentially) biggest market. LIke from a money perspective it doesn't even make sense. I don't think Valve really cares that much about CS a...
Imagine me thinking Shazam and Rush are good. Still Rush 1 Major AleksiB 0
Swole Patrol --> IBP
It's actually insane that you get your criminal record as a child sealed in the United States but throw one meaningless match as an unpaid "pro" in CSGO for 300 dollars in skins gets you a lifetime ba...
Australian shuffle
At this point I'd rather JKS just get signed by an NA team. I don't think there is much talent in AU beyond him. However JKS is legit as fuck and could play on a good tertiary NA team if a guy with ...
Honestly Col might be better then Big. It's pretty close. They are both objectively bad teams. You can barely get Oskar to get out of whatever Eastern Europe hell hole he lives in right now to play...
Swole Patrol --> IBP
Why? Just watch their streams. These players will never be relevant again. Swag actually probably could still resurrect a career if he really grinded with a good org behind him but that ban is neve...
-NA trash. Yeah man sorry NA is all tied up in the top 3 with two teams. How's bug doing? Oh wasting Tabsen's career, cool. They should continue to develop Obo. Sign Wardell. Kick Shazam if he's...
Best Denmark lineup after Astralis
It's funny because people always talk about how deep Denmark is talent wise. I look at most of these lineups and I see a lot of recycling and basically hoping Konfig comes back. Regardless playing a...
Rush Bot
The crazy thing is he's probably getting paid really well. And has been. C9 signed their contracts after the major win.
Biden Bankrupt!! LOL
Biden Bankrupt!! LOL
That's a silly thing to say.
Stan is great when he has a team he's excited to play with. I.E. Optic and EG now. I'd rather have Daps build my team. Stan in Col was terrible. His system of playing off a default requires more e...
blameF >>> NA scene
Nah people just overvaluing online ECS matches like normal.
If you think he's garbage you simply aren't a rational person. They have similar movement and play styles and if you are starting a team you pick Cerq 10/10 times every time because he puts up simila...
Sure. But when's the last great top 1-5 type year Forest had. He kind of proves my point. I don't think it's impossible to be good in your late 20s. Just not transcendent. Elige on the rifle this...