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C9 fix
If only this was possible.
cpu upgrade
your 6500 will perform better in CSGO then a Ryzen CPU. CSGO runs mostly off one core and intel has much better single core performance. 6500 is on the same process node as what they are currently m...
C9 fix
If only this was possible.
-Tarik +?
As a C9 fan I'm glad MIBR fans want to rip up their team again. Ongoing problem for MIBR is that cache they had from all their success in 16 and 17 only gets further and further in the rear view. Co...
c9 will fail
I don't know. They have ECS in pretty well. I don't think Ghost is that crazy an opponent. NRG they probably split. Remember it's online CS.
It's funny you say that. I was in the Army myself. US of course. I agree they are definitely some NCO's in particular that can inspire young people and people in general to accomplish amazing thing...
The whole Karrigan thing is sad for him. Team lost faith after Boston. I think Karrigan is a great IGL but when your team loses faith even if they say outwardly to your face they are on board nothin...
New OpTic lineup
Mixwell's kind of faded but the rest of that lineup went on to do some great things. I miss it myself but it's interesting to see where they all ended up. Resurgent Col MIBR C9 Liquid And all play ...
Best na team possible
I'm just not sure how much of that is Nitro vs. how much of that is Zews and the fact that he's working we three players who are really really great right now. The Nitro thing sort of reminds me of ...
Best na team possible
Stewie could IGL. He played best when he actually was leading and he's only gotten older and played under Fallen since. They'd be playing a C9 type of style with the individual skill pushed to the ...
Best na team possible
Twistzz Elige NAF Autimatic Stewie2k Stewie2k and Twistzz would be a godly entry duo. Elige gets to lean back into a more natural role. Autimatic gets to lean back into a more natural role. NAF ke...
Global Elite
I love CS but solo queuing made me pretty much stop using the in game competitive mode at all. I was into face it for awhile. People are generally better but after a while just wasn't feeling it. ...
JasonR is actually a pretty funny dude. I don't watch his stream but when I see highlights it's usually pretty funny. In fact from what I've seen it's way more tolerable then something like a DrDisr...
ScreaM to C9
source? Scream would be terrible for this roster. You'd be moving Autimatic out of his best role without a star rifler to replace him. Only way this team should sign a rifler is if he's insanely go...
c9 wardell
Yeah that's what I'm saying. I just think the team with Rush not in his 16/17 form doesn't have the firepower. If Rush was playing up to his old standards I'd be all for it.