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Cloud 9
Freakazoid was a space-making pure entry player. He performed in that role fine for the era he played in.
Shroud - OGC
Because there aren't as many players period and the US/Canada is huge with population centers separated by thousands of miles. Look on the bright side. NAF will probably be the highest rated NA play...
Cloud 9
Yeah fair enough. He did have one hell of a series though. I'd put myself in the group however that the long-term success of the team would have been served better by getting rid of Ska a lot earlie...
Cloud 9
C9 was the fifth ranked team going into the major. Then went on to beat the third, second and first ranked teams for the win. Surely you can see why fans of this organization would prefer a fifth ...
Cloud 9
I don't know of any team that's never made a bad decision. I wouldn't even really call Freakazoid a terrible decision. The terrible decision was letting Hiko go.
Shroud - OGC
Because of player count and geography? Maybe I'm not understanding your question.
Cloud 9
The reason I think Stew is important is because I think he was partially if not fully responsible for some of the innovation that C9 brought in late 17 / early 18. Particularly on Mirage. I'm sure ...
Cloud 9
I'd love if C9 made a big move like bringing in this Danish kid. Dropping Fnatic and Envy's leftovers and brought Stew and Tarik back. They'd have the core back together backed by a young talented A...
Shroud - OGC
Because CSGO is not that popular an esport in the US and doesn't have a well developed player base like Europe? HLTV has done articles on this. https://www.hltv.org/blog/11961/csgo-players-per-count...
Stew will kill Liquid
Could be a three way deal. I think Kio makes more sense on Liquid then Stewie does. He's one of the most adaptable players out there and a better fragger then Taco. Who knows though.
Stew will kill Liquid
All the C9 players are tweeting like tarik and stew are coming back. Even the owner is. I don't know that we know the full story yet.
-nitr0 +FALLEN
NAF is literally a better AWPer then Fallen right this second and Nitro is playing really well on entry. If anything I'd try for a more realistic move like Autimatic for Taco. If you really think fi...
Supernova had BiG and NRG. It's solidly Tier 2. Being real for a second I think their victory may allow them to finally pick up a couple real T1 trophy's. I mean it's almost unheard of for the seco...
I5 9600k @5.1GHz bad fps in csgo
Don't know man. I have a 6700k at 4.8 and I get over 300. That's really odd because while the game isn't using anymore cores on your system their is absolutely an IPC increase and clock increase. ...
Top 20 by PEAK
I can get on board with that. I'd call what you are describing gamesense but intuition absolutely works as a word there. And yeah Shox was fucking amazing at his peak. I'm not sure I'm on board wit...