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I'd love him on C9. But not for FNS. To replace Skadoodle. He's supposed to provide major firepower and he doesn't. Lekro would be an instant upgrade and allow C9 time to replace FNS when a better...
Tier 2 NA team?
Oh man this is funny.
Fnatic new line-up
His peak is being a decent entry. I think Fnatic is trying to build a top flight organization although truth be told way harsher cuts then this will need to be made. JW and Flusha will have to go an...
Fnatic new line-up
It's gotta be. They are bringing in Xizt to IGL right? Golden is essentially a bot but a decent IGL. Lekro is a way better talent. Goddamn fuck Apex I would take Lekro on C9 in a heartbeat to repl...
Fnatic new line-up
So basically this is a way to throw Golden out later.
Fnatic new line-up
Kind of want C9 to go after Lekro. Drop Ska for him and go hybrid like Liquid. Lekro is a pretty damn good player. Don't really get this move.
C9 NBK !!
No thanks. He's fuckawful as is the rest of the french scene. At this point in time I'd much rather have NA players then any French player. Cept for KennyS. I'll take him over Ska.
C9 NBK !!
You realize the Stewie2k thing was going on during WESG?
C9 -FNS +Stan?
Tarik Rush Auti Nifty JKS Would actually be a sick fucking squad. I'd feel bad for Renegades fans and their teams constantly getting picked apart though. I mean I realize this happens to everyone b...
C9 -FNS +Stan?
They don't need an entry fragger. Rush is one of NA's best even if he hasn't been playing like it lately. Much as I fucking love Apex he doesn't really fit. NBK is a bot.
SK Gaming
All I know for sure is the problem with this team isn't fucking English. They've been living in the US for how long now? 2 or 3 years? The problem is their core has fallen off. No pun intended. I...
Im 16 years old and i never kiss girl
The rule is half your age plus 7. 9 + 7 = 16 You like kiddy porn to? Fuck me. You are an adult what the hell are you doing with a 15 year old.
If people really think this is the win that's going to propel SK to success then I don't even know. IMO They looked embarrassed accepting the trophy. Like what the fuck are we doing here guys.
Denmark best scene?!
Eh? I mean Astralis is clearly the best team in the world. The rest of them? Outside Konfig I don't see any superstar talents. With the way the Euro teams have mixed there's not really a dominan...
No joke it's dying
Even if the game was peaking at 200k which it's not that would be far from dead. Don't mean to be the voice of reason but 200k peaks mean it's still one of the most popular games in the world. We ar...