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Extra Salt
Them losing to BiG in the finals wasn't really the dissapointment. And moneterily even coming in second for them must have been great. The thing that was dissapointing is they got drummed out of p...
I mean if it's within your budget get all three. But if you just want to try the gameplay formula try the first one. Sekiro is great but there's a pretty large difference between it and souls. The ...
"NiKo iS tHe pRoBlEm"
G2 is highly disappointing but Faze have been garbage. KennyS, Hunter and Niko should have been money in the bag but they are just a middling team waiting for LANs to return. Twistzz, Rain and Coldz...
stop blaming FaZe already...
If I'm Twistzz I'm kicking myself for leaving Liquid right about now. I don't watch Faze games but the box scores are Karrigan putting up Karrigan numbers, Rain and Coldzera stealing paychecks, Broky...
Every country GOAT
NAF and Twistzz are way better then shroud. Twistzz is better then NAF on peak performance but isn't nearly as consistent as NAF. Over the next three years assuming LAN I could see Twistzz be a top...
Extra Salt
They got second at a 250k tournament. Probably pretty happy with their trip. I wasn't expecting much in all honesty. Not a fan but it's an interesting team to watch. I like Fang and Osee as prospe...
Get Dark Souls. If you've never played a soulsbourne game it might totally change your outlook on what you like. Seriously really really good and one of the most replayable single player (although i...
"wHy dId dEvIcE jOiN NiP"
He joined NiP for the same reason Twistzz joined Faze. Worse teams better pussy. I'm not joking either this is the reason.
team liquid fixes
Liquid doesn't need a fix. The only thing that I would consider doing is when Fallen retires picking up Osee. Kid looks brilliant so far in Europe and he's putting up Grim stats in NA.
Astralis es3tag
lol Of course not. They also pay him less while he's sitting on their bench.
Astralis es3tag
*500k Don't know where you people come up with these numbers. Buyout is 500k the total length of the contract would be worth 2.1 million if paid out. They ended upp paying him somewhere in the neigh...