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NA CS current state
They are an NA org though. The holding company is US based and Liquid was built off a merge with curse gaming. It'd be more accurate to say they are an NA org with some Dutch leadership still in pla...
girls don't go to nightclubs to meet guys
Girls 100000% go to clubs to meet guys. You are out of your mind.
NA CS current state
NA CS at a tier 2 level is dead. This has been the case since the EPL changes and Valorant released at the same time. It's very sad but it is what it is. Luckily for NA CS fans Liquid still is a le...
NA CS current state
Why wouldn't Liquid make money off the stickers?
Sonic to take break from competition
What are you talking about? lol
Sonic to take break from competition
Lotta people seem to think this has nothing to do with Floppy. You guys are crazy. In 2020 Floppy was far and away their best rated player and Sonic was ass. To Sonic's credit he got a lot better t...
floppy in talks with Extra Salt - Report
Do we have to have this stupid ass converation explained to you. You either pay taxes for those things or you get paid more. Americans get paid more and pay for healthcare on their own generally hal...
floppy in talks with Extra Salt - Report
It's not an opinion. moron.
floppy in talks with Extra Salt - Report
I'm glad this one report has solidified your opinion on american work ethic. Perhaps you should try reading studies about American work ethic and then come back to the thread.
Magisk leaving?
Durpeeh is leaving I'm pretty sure to go replace whomever the fuck NiP has as their current fifth. I was always convinced Xyp was gone since he was so public about other offers and Magisk was for sur...
tier 1 teams
NA brain sometime work.
Why does Valve love DOTA more than CSGO?
If CS just changed T's to attack and CT's to defend I think it'd solve a lot of problems.
tier 1 teams
Yes. The reason really is because Tier 1 teams are just opportunity. The opportunity to make a shit ton of money playing CS. Whether that's thru pay, or winning tournaments or whatever. Sprinkle o...
tier 1 teams
Yeah but that's just now how it works.