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Liquid more changes?
Honestly it could be new Marvel jerseys. I highly doubt any player changes are coming past the one.
Probably because Liquid's main stars still hit their shots for the most part. Maybe Twistzz aside. Where Rain and Coldzera have seen huge dips from their peaks as far back as early 2019. Maybe even...
FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
Are we talking about EG or Liquid? EG isn't losing to any Brazilians. As far as Liquid goes yes they made a roster move for the highest rated player in the world in 2020. Sounds like a decent flyer...
SHiPZ transformation
He's just a skinny kid in 2015 though.
FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
Again all the other players had more AK kills. It's just a stat.
Device raw mechanical skill
I would put in terms of just pure mechanical skill (with rifles specifically) these guys ahead of him. 1. Electronic 2. Elige 3. NAF 4. Magisk 5. Twistzz 6. Brehze 7. Niko 8. Ropz 9. Coldzera 10. JKS...
Well I'm from NA and I think it's funny. Anyway this is straight from an HLTV interview with Adren. Although he also says their roles only specifically conflict on two maps. So I don't really know ...
He literally plays the same position T side Elige does. So unless Elige is a baiter I don't think you really have to worry about it bruh.
I'm sad the major isn't going to be in Brazil. Only because it was going to be hilarious to see a Brazilian major and no MIBR. But you know life gives and takes. No major in Brazil but then again...
Liquid 5th
Point remains. C9 the org with more money then baby jesus owns Floppy and he himself is still not "proven" on LAN although he has had more success (and opportunities) then Grim has. You may as well ...
Liquid 5th
Grim is the best possible pick up at the time. He's the highest rated player on the world (online but still) and has next to no buyout in the middle of a very unique online era of CS that doesn't loo...
Liquid 5th
The premise is wrong in the first place. 2018 Liquid played a strong fundamental game. They were often referred to as Astralis lite throughout the year. Seangares C9 played a strong fundamental ga...
Liquid 5th
You'd also have to spend six figures on Floppy. Which Liquid could totally do but Grim is free and things are online so why not take a flyer on the dude who literally has the best numbers in the worl...
FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
Still goes for both sides man. Neither Liquid or EG were particularly reliant on the Krieg with the exception of Brehze. All the other players had more AK kills. And Brehze's 2018 show he wasn't ex...
FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
There's literally no way you could know that so I don't know why you'd say it. NA and EU haven't played each other in months now. You simply have no way of knowing how Furia, Liquid and EG will perf...