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Renegades vs MIBR
[+18] Motivation
Ty that´s the most accurate statement ever made about me
not feeling cs rn
Take some time out of cs man try playing something else and in a few days you will fell like playing cs again (it have worked for me when I felt like you are rn)
Yeah but it still favors ENCE but maybe Mibr can surprise us
Do u like your country?
In terms of culture Brazil is a very great county and the people of here are awesome but unfortunally there is a lot of corruption, high taxes for stupid reasons governants that most of the times dosn...
fps, ping, rank, hours?
30 fps, 90-300 PING (it depends on my internet) Ak2 2280 hours
wtf men
+1000 and the good old souvenirs cobblestones drops
I flx any football team
A very hard one: Vasco da Gama (Gl you will need it)
UCL or DH?
both put Ucl in pc or tv and watch DH on cellphone on twitch ez
Liquid is top1 confirmed
not anymore
cry is free and trying to make excuses to the 2 losses your team have taken from MIBR is also free
if MIBR win against liquid
If they win they will be on quite the streak of victorys but for the SK/LG era magic they arent on the same level yet but they for sure are getting closer to that era
I create best teams for each country
try creating the best team wift only underrated players (any country)
Pro players HLTV accs
fallen goes for his videos on youtube about csgo news https://youtu.be/yEM6XeQ4FTY hltv points at 5:01, 7:51 but about the topics i dont have any idea