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1. Richard Lewis and Thorin Issues:

a "ryx"
a play made by someone in an eco round. This person must be on the team who is able to buy, not the team ecoing. This play consists of the aforementioned player going for eco frags instead of playing safe and ends uop throwing the round or giving an unnecessary advantage by feeding.

Ex. Sadokist: "Alright Henry looks like navi was able to reset faze on that round. Oh but look, faze seems to be forcing!"
HenryG: "Oh no why have they gone and done that? This can potentially cause them to force them to save the next two rounds! Well lets see what they can do. They have a couple of p250s, deagles, and czeds (u can clearly see 1 deagle and 1 p250 and the rest being czs). This is looking hopeless for faze. BUT WAIT! ZEUS PUSHES MID DOORS FOR INFO? WHY HAS HE DONE THAT MATT????? WHAT A RYX!!!"

Ryxing: the act of doing/being a ryx.

EX: Anders:"well moses its 13-12 for navi here. Faze will of course have to eco if they want to be able to buy next round so it looks like a clean 13-13."
Moses:"Yeah that seems about right, But wait what is karrigan calling? Faze seems to have just forced into the round??? Was it a missbuy? No their really going for it? What is karrigan thinking????"
Anders:"I dont know what the H E L L is going on but it seems to me like faze has lost there minds. Well the round is still going so it couldnt be a missbuy, alright navi seems to be playing it safe defaulting across the map. OH NO MOSES! EDWARD ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Edward pushes a ramp for NO reason and just GIVES them the man advantage!!!
Moses: "Oh no hes RYXING!!!! Well this looks like faze could be not only tying the game u but taking the lead here!"

Please get the word out, anyone who dies eco fragging is now labeled as a "ryx" the act of unnecessarily pushing in an eco round for kills is now ryxing! SPAM THE CHAT WHENEVER IT HAPPENS BOIS! RYX IS THE NEW MEME!!!!!!!!!
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