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XAXAXAXAXA NaVi is number 1 menssss)))))
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S1mple is deservedly Top 1 in 2k20
s1mple is the rotater but he also anchors depending on the situations. He can and will play any role that his team requires him to do so. Here is 1 example of him anchoring A site: https://youtu.be/...
S1mple is deservedly Top 1 in 2k20
he is the rotater on every map, but he will also play anchor if required. Now, you make 0 sense. First, you said he only baits and doesnt play anchor like xyp9x. Now, you say he's only rotating. All y...
S1mple is deservedly Top 1 in 2k20
dude, what are you saying? Do you even watch NaVi games? S1mple is the rotater for NaVi because he's the best player. However, he definitely plays anchor sometimes depending on the read. He usually do...
S1mple is deservedly Top 1 in 2k20
dude, dont talk outta your ass. NaVi also gives s1mple anchor position depending on the situation. Usually s1mple/boombl4 will give a call like he will solo Awp on 1 site, so his teammates can stack 1...
"s1mple isnt baiting"
actually s1mple has 2 majors choked.
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nah, he has amazing aim, but positioning has always been his strongest skill. He is a smart player with good spray control even flamie has better aim than him. However, electronic is smart so he can a...
??? dream??? electronic is beast and dont deserve kick but hes never been better than s1mple.
yes man. wtf? Electronic, wake up my love.
s1mple vs pro100
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2339401/natus-vincere-vs-astralis-iem-katowice-2020 thanks astralis for giving stats. wow 1.79 vs tier 1 team and ex top 1 team. XAXAXAXA
s1mple vs pro100
he was good online b4 joining navi. Baby is keeping him awake
s1mple vs pro100
LUL s1mple got 3 entry kills on pistol, and electronic failed him. Whats going on my mantronic(?
Boobl4 or bomic wtf?
Boobl4 or bomic wtf?
if Boombl4 has million number of fans i am one of them. if Boombl4 has ten fans i am one of them. if Boombl4 has no fans. that means i am no more on the earth. if world against Boombl4, i am against t...