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LUL check my profile because you got rekt?

It's fine! You're not the first one.
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what if Renegades 3-0
wow how can a 12 years old be 190 pounds?
what if Renegades 3-0
lul lucky virgin. Doesnt talk until result is out. what a pussyass virgin.
Pimp casting
yes. Why is he even in the talent? His voice is so annoying. Talk so fast that sometimes it doesn't even make sense.
ZywOo on lan
french vs cis OMEGALUL xaxaxaxaxa keep dreaming dead scene. What has your scene even gotten in the last year? Nothing except 1 or 2 tier 3 events. LUL
ZywOo on lan
you sound like 5 btw xaXAX
ZywOo on lan
LUL newfags. Ok mr.frenchie. Your scene sucks ass. I bet I know more about cs than you. Account date doesnt mean I just watched cs on that date, but what to expect in a dead scene. Keep crying. XAXA...
ZywOo on lan
why are you crying so much? Offended because he sucks ass on lan. XAXAXAXAXA
ZywOo on lan
lul what happened to his other games ? 2 games now not just 1. Overrated AF.
navi fix 100%
ok my bad.
he was so amazing in 2018. So many amazing plays. Now he's just so shit, but he just did a good play. Inconsistent af.
navi fix 100%
1 event of 1.08 rating doesnt change the fact that he's a joke most of the other events. He's averaged 0.88 rating last 3 months. Time to say goodbye to Edward.
navi fix 100%
why always right now? How about everytime when edward plays like shit = "most of the time". A few game,which he's decent, does not give him a chance to be in NaVi. It is time for someone more consiste...
Senor Vac
yes, he lifts his mouse a lot so people think he's cheating.
he lifted his mouse a lot before he sprayed ,so it's always dead on.