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Overwatch / Semmler
overwatch was an obvious failure from the start. They had a decent playerbase, but garbage updates that pushed them out. now COD will get another Franchise that will fail, but will take a bit longer b...
any game is fun when you come back to it. The thing is what about after a few hours. As much as I like minecraft I come back play it for a few hours maybe for a week max and just get bored again and m...
well NiP is a garbage team and also you had kennyS and shox so I mean gl getting any space
Don't keep money in the bank.
fireproof safe :///////////////////////////////////////
Asmongold weak?
I understand beds are trash to built, but couches aren't that bad. Atleast thats from my exprience.
Wayne Rooney
no bear cum is my 1# bergkamp trash
Save Complexity
Firstly now there is blameF a amazing fragging igl, but unproven in english. Another thing is that he will be getting 2-4x his current salary and will get the best facilities in the world to train eve...
Save Complexity
are you fucking stupid. These people are getting paid insane amounts of money and all they have to do is move to the US for 1-3 years? Anyone with their right mind should do it.
Save Complexity
idk we will see you might be right. I guess this team will stay for like 3-4months and then they will pick up some better players I hope k0nfig
Save Complexity
absolute moron. Col offered many EU players insane money (My guess is at least 300k+ per year if they are like a top 50 EU player I guess) with the stipulation that they must come to the top tier faci...
Save Complexity
also rush has proven himself more on the T1 scene and might be able to get back to his form because he is on a normal team
mouse not working on desk
trash sensor I guess
face klan fix
I love those hoodies mens /////////////////////////////................