Hello person who visit my biography not much to see here.

The henryg masterplan will prevail. Haters will go down and everyone will bow down to Cloud9. Well this didnt go to plan, but my support for the henryg masterplan will never end! Also, C9 org are clowns who wasted a talented roster that was so close so many times. Xeppa/floppy deserved more than this for being loyal to csgo. Now they have gone to valorant D: What a shame...

FaZe will win the starladder major! FaZe v NaVi finals unless they get paired in the same side of the bracket. Update on this prediction it seems like FaZe have been fucking garbage in DHM Spring and those qualifiers.I just hope broky doesnt become a noob and coldzera gets his old form back. ok yeah I dont fucking understand this roster. Close game to G2 and now getting banged out by Sprout. Yeah nah they aint winning shit unless changes happen or karrigan is some miracle worker. They kicked cold which is probably for the better, but their replacement is olof lets hope he has a time machine and its 2015.

Valve unbanning pros, but not iBP. Maybe this means there is some good in the future for cs? TI like major inc.

How long will this Biography get if I just keep adding random stuff to it every once in a while? Also, just found out emojis arent allowed here (in biography) :/

Smartest 30 IQ User btw. No one can take my crown and whoever tries it will be war! I am also 1.2m 200kg 90% bodyfat ratio.

NaVi win ESL One Cologne 2021 (4-23-2021 Prediction lets hope they are invited) lmfao they lost to akuma, but this is normal for NaVi

Betting/gambling is stupid and should never be done.

Too many baiters right now on the forums. ok nvm problem has calmed down a bit now.

Poney is too stronk. They hopefully dont face OG and then they will destroy all these noob teams in Flashpoint 3. Or at least I hope that is what happens :D Poney in LB against BIG rn, but dont worry they are too stronk! RIP Poney NBKing left ):

b4rtin 1v2 against ES was very insane. PC requires checking

This biography is a fucking shitshow, but hopefully I get some of my predictions correct.

Hamilton just rekted Verstappen very not nice. Hopefully verstappen can rekt this noob in WDC and in Hungary. Also, perez needs to get his shit together otherwise RIP WCC. damn verstappen back in lead so ez

#FreegünT also LtN now ): ffs D: Just Sad
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