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tbh not the players fault probably FalleN can't lead. Also, C9 did get a lot of money from the tarik and stewie buyouts
NTC LMAO they are the worst Brazilian team right now losing to all the garbage teams. If you are saying Mibr will fall off then Luminosity will come up to be the best in Brazil. Also, even if coldzera...
device so bad
-Astralis +MSL so they can win another major.
device so bad
Astralis keep winning so why should they change anything. Also, whats wrong with eco frags? You are still killing someone that could kill his team :/
How is he under rated I can't remember the last time Mibr won on LAN
RIP Denis Ten
it isn't like egypt is any good either
Does 2 idiots make one genius?
what if its 4 negatives?
well kinda was a fluke tbh
snakes for leaving a team and joining another?
calm head
tbh my problem is inconsistency because my last game I dropped 35 kills and lost 16-14 (because the other team had 2 players carrying unlike 1 on my team), but in the game before that I got 16 kills a...
Minecraft Servers
Played hypixel but I do lag there because its hosted in NA and also I don't really enjoy it that much anymore.
Best choker
I kind of find it as a choke because if I remember correctly dev1ce was playing like shit and no one was stepping up which would be a choke for me, but at the end of the day AST are the better team ri...
Minecraft Servers
whats wrong with liking mc? at least there I don't get triggered :)