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Denmark vs Slovakia
none CT side would balance that T side.... :P they picked up one of their worse days today
Denmark vs Slovakia
i brought some chips and coke for this so i hope for good game from svk :D gl
SK Gaming vs ESC Gaming
3:00 -__-
SK Gaming vs Natus Vincere
only thing that is missing now is some final between Again and SK .... for the end of the year epicness of 2 most successfull teams this year ! :O
SK Gaming vs WinFakt.fi
if you look carefully you'll notice the gray icon beside the game status which mean they didn't turn on the hltv yet :O just wait
Natus Vincere vs WinFakt.fi
anexis 16-4 na'vi .... :X ... and my 3M moneyz is on na'vi in this one... xP .. bye moneyz
UBINITED fe vs Moscow Five fe
wooow how long did you prepared this masterpiece of a comment :O
SK Gaming vs mTw
90% bets on SK ? 8D ... srsly ?
SK Gaming vs Natus Vincere
well it's not all that easy.. these high level players are pretty much even in most things... but yeah 2 of top 5 teams right now and a nice game ;]
Alternate vs x6tence
kenan nice photo :D
mTw vs RG-Esports
that's why he's carrying... because he have worse team.. you can't only look at score because when you have 4-5 good players in team they all take their share :]
Russia vs Czech Republic
my bet on CZE ! :O
Natus Vincere vs CPH Wolves
Na'Vi realy fails this year... -_-.. ruined my every bet so far
Sweden vs Netherlands
yeah replace the core with some avarage.. that'll be a 16:0 :]
Sweden vs France
hmm i think TBA will win it for sweeden... but then watch out for TBA and TBA for france... they're good too ;]