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Electronic RUSSIAN?
btw Tatarstan in Russian Federation, so your hate is useless, neoukranian humanoid
0 players contries [ hltv player ]
Conor McGregor
If everyone farted at the same time..
approx pressure from human's fart is 7 psi, the natural atm pressure is 15 psi but it's all up to amount of substances that makes force and that gives force back. i don't think that if every human far...
why is minecraft so good?
i wasn't, I was just ensuring you I know lil peep so no homo
why is minecraft so good?
lil bo peep with a brand new diamond in the back of the dungeon with the dog and creeper
s1mple = Anderson Silva
Michael Bisping also knocked out The Spider but, you know, Anderson couldn't come back but s1mple just made a mistake and his teammates did bigger mistakes, cs is a team game, mma is an individual sho...
Simple 58 frags in 58 seconds
it was one match with one OT they were loosing 10-15 but then s1mple proceeded to threw fireballs into the ropz' and get_right's assssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
it was kane and zeus
ESL One Cologne Placings
Liquid Overrated
Navus Tincere
Look, many teams are dropped from their peaks and Liquid took a chance. You know, there might be different options: Astralis, Navi, Faze - back and Liquid will have to prove their TOP1 or they'd lose ...
"Pussy" and "Dick" in your language?
dick - khuy, khuyok, jalda, krivoy starter, druzhok, Mikhail Boyarski, strongman, Conor McGregor, one punch man, Makhno Nester Ivanovich, pestrun, 21(22)st(nd) finger, mighty friend of a man pussy (wa...
nt Valentina Shevchenko is from Kyrgyztan and she is the ufc women flyweight champion so Kyrgyztan has it's own scene, atleast at UFC
Current top 10
Current top 10
do you see what I'm trying to tell? let the time pass and we'll see what's all about. good (top tier) team should be at every playoff (almost) and consistently be in top 4. your logic says - ence been...