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Is 174cm enough?
korean zombie is smaller dude but if you run into him - you better avoid him :)
OG Hype
the thing is that not a star makes a team, 5 personalities make a team. we'll see what are they about.
Soon - Top1: FaZe
Least liked team?
idk, there are not many cocky players or teams rn, everything is like in a "happy-end" movies: the cockiest gets the biggest dick engaged into his anus, the most generous (the good guys) get the bigge...
0 players contries [ hltv player ]
Conor McGregor
If everyone farted at the same time..
approx pressure from human's fart is 7 psi, the natural atm pressure is 15 psi but it's all up to amount of substances that makes force and that gives force back. i don't think that if every human far...
why is minecraft so good?
i wasn't, I was just ensuring you I know lil peep so no homo
why is minecraft so good?
lil bo peep with a brand new diamond in the back of the dungeon with the dog and creeper
s1mple = Anderson Silva
Michael Bisping also knocked out The Spider but, you know, Anderson couldn't come back but s1mple just made a mistake and his teammates did bigger mistakes, cs is a team game, mma is an individual sho...
Simple 58 frags in 58 seconds
it was one match with one OT they were loosing 10-15 but then s1mple proceeded to threw fireballs into the ropz' and get_right's assssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
it was kane and zeus
ESL One Cologne Placings
Look, many teams are dropped from their peaks and Liquid took a chance. You know, there might be different options: Astralis, Navi, Faze - back and Liquid will have to prove their TOP1 or they'd lose ...