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0-5 means nothing
Big Bang ?
I don't know about that, 'cause I've never read anything about the topic. This is just something I've come up with by thinking too much. Information of this scale is not really meant for people like m...
Your most WTF moment with girls
This happened many years ago, but I was in charge to make a proper program for our play in school. And one girl (one of the actresses) had her name written wrong in the program and by the time I reali...
Big Bang ?
What if big bang was a destruction of a universe that existed before ours? What if there was a universe that we cannot trace, 'cause there's nothing left from it? What if our universe was formed from ...
Congrats Mia Khalifa
name checks out
Sprout vs ENCE
+1 xd
Languages you speak
In some cases, some Swedish words can get mixed up with German words (as I know both languages) and the other way around, but usually no. Also the better you come to know a language, the less you mix ...
Are you handsome?
Wouldn't call myself handsome, 'cause I have too many feminine features so the word 'handsome' doesn't really describe me. In my opinion I'm ugly, but sometimes I hear positive comments about my looks...
I answer all questions
well, that's tru, so fair enough i guess.
I answer all questions
What will I do, if I never get a gf or a wife to make kids with?
how many children would u like to have?
2, would prefer them to be girls, 'cause boys are assholes myself included..
i guess your mm rank v69
21 don't have a favorite astralis 2.5 (1800 dpi) 144hz 2014 orange juice
i guess your favorite weapon
21 don't have one astralis jumping between gnm and mg1, don't play faceit or esea hard one, but i think it's still just pizza single
How old are you?