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S1mple Or ZywoO TOP1
Has to be Zywoo. Individually S1mple is GOAT. But Zywoo surely bagged number 1 spot for 2020.
Need PC help
PC specs? Don't your motherboard has debug lights?
#5 electronic ?
wtf he was insane even tho he dropped off a bit
Xantares top 20?
He was ranked 24. Hltv confirmed
Karrigan to FaZe
He can. Since Rain is the one who has been way too much inconsistent after Karrigan was kicked last time. We need that #4 Ranked Rain in Faze again. And Broky might be taking the star role? or Cold? o...
device vs NiKo top3
Those stats for Niko with rifles is actually insane. Otherwise top 3 will consist of all primary awpers like Zywoo Simple and device lul.
oh then it's fine. Sold my Friend's boat engine.
Ok. But wrong title.
top20 robbed players
Device wont be number 1 lmao
the real top 5
They were good few years back, but now they are horrible.
top 5 players 2021
Thats the main point if G2 grabs some trophies this year while Niko performing at good level he can easily be Top 1.
top 5 players 2021
Or maybe if Niko does IGL again he wont be top 1 in 2021 :)
Cyberpunk 2077
Imo you don't need to do that. Studios will learn from Mistakes. See Rockstar now, from bad port of GTA IV to releasing GTA V on 3 platforms in span of 3 years for better optimization (PS3-2013,PS4-20...
GTA V online moneyz
Do casino heist from Quick job. Ez money. Though there is 1 hour cooldown before you can search for heist again.
India wtf
That's right too.