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3/5 pickem come here
Yep looks ez one for C9. I think Tyloo is better Overall. NIP should not have problem with Vici. And yes I need same teams which u need. Any of these 2 will work for me
3/5 pickem come here
I need 2 teams too from these : NIP Tyloo CLoud9
G2 will 0-3
Will Fnatic make it?
Its going to be BO3 for them from now. So I think pressure will be little off. And they can perform better as its BO3. I still hope they can go ahead. But yesterday Fnatic didnt felt like Fnatic to me...
I was suggesting same xD. Just fucking use AMD GPU's .
Simple clearly came running near smoke. You can see in video. Even i would have heard that and hold that angle.
This is hard. Haven't seen Zywoo against top tier teams but i gonna say Zywoo. This guy literally top frags 7/10 matches for Vitality.
FaZe is done
+1 For my Indian boii
Luminosity vs FaZe
Match will be delayed today too.
Press F for NiKo
Yeah. Got to know that too. People were so pissed. They wanted to see new Liquid and Faze play their 1st match but damn xD
Liquid vs Ghost
WTH no stream? This is shit tournament organizer. Delay + No stream GG
Press F for NiKo
xD. Glad I didn't stay awake to watch that match. It was delayed heavily already. And saw score just now. F
Simple #1 Device #2 Niko #3 Electronic #4 Tbh Simple deserves number 1.
Top 3 players from ur country
+1 Magisk fanboy here :p
Device #1, s1mple #2 explaination
Overall Simple deserves Number 1 more then Device IMO. Its gonna be close af