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Europe Minor - Day 2
OpTic - Mousesports = OpTic Ex-Space Soldiers - North = North Valiance - OpTic = OpTic Windigo - North = North
CIS Minor - Day 2
Gambit - Nemiga = Nemiga Runtime - Pro100 = Runtime Syman - Nemiga = Syman Avangar - Runtime = Runtime
Europe Minor - Day 1
OpTic will beat Mouse in winners match! BELIEVE IN REFREZH!
CIS Minor - Day 1
Where the hell did he state he was sure about Runtime? As far as i can read, he did not know what to expect from Runtime.. Maybe you should read his post first?
RIP Astralis
IT IS THE PROPER WAY TO PLAY CS? If you like flashy kills, and no teamplay, go follow the pro fortnite scene instead :)
Red Reserve and Heroic Changes
LMFAO.... No, he is not even the best in Copenhagen Flames.. Not even 2nd or 3rd best on that team.. Also he only had 3 games on HLTV EVER! With more than 30 kills. Not against any promising teams.
Red Reserve and Heroic Changes
You seem to have no clue about the danish scene... Damn this must be a bait... Denmark has potential to make at least 5 HLTV top 30 teams, with just a bit of changes, and with players that plays or us...
Red Reserve and Heroic Changes
Dude come on man... Are you Farlig or what? He is not even close to be that good? He is a fine player for the national scene within Denmark, but not more than that at all.
Red Reserve and Heroic Changes
Not happening.. Farlig is not even close to be considered in a team like this. I honestly think it is Farlig himself on a fake account lmfao...
Red Reserve and Heroic Changes
Lmfao... Theres a lot better awpers from Denmark than Farlig.. Farlig is is not even good enough for a top 5 danish team.
Red Reserve and Heroic Changes
Danish shuffle after Major
Oops, made a mistake... Sanden on CPH Wolves instead of AnJ
Somebody hire this analyst!
Honestly yes.. It's extremely well analyzed!
Somebody hire this analyst!
Hello there Phoey! Once again top notch pick you did there. Can you tell us about how you analyze teams and players? I don't think that i am the only one intersted in knowing how.
Somebody hire this analyst!
Takes a man to know that they should replace their major mvp for sure.