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Stanislaw Wardell Koosta Freakazoid Sick Auti to liquid Stewie to NRG > Daps goes coach, Tarik IGL
Your first competitive match
You Can check me if you Want to? Been in quarter finals in 4 Open qualifiers for DH open events. Which is still documented on faceit. So What about shutting up, and prac some more DM you LEM pleb.
Your first competitive match
I played my first mm match with my brother and his friend. I was so bad... Then my brothers friend said. Lower your sensititivity to 1.5. First few rounds i sucked balls. Then on T-side i Got used to ...
True Astralis Skill
Hahahahahaha. You're the one who should go there. Device has close to 0 freedom! He does more than Anybody for the team, and has for sure the most fixed role. Why Do you Think He is the most consiste...
Who will FaZe sign?
He is completely right tho. Olofm has really Lost it.. Flusha and Sunny would be a excellent choice.
The Roster Changes We Really Want To See
I'll Tell you this again. You are truely the Best user on Hltv. Top quality post!
Ynk & legija
Brollan was highly respected for the Swedish tier 2 igls as the brigthest Star. Same goes with Frozen. Smooya made a career on being arrogant, and had a lot of help getting to the top. Stewie was for ...
Ynk & legija
What? In CS it really does. People picking up the same washed up players from the poll instead of trying someone new and promising. We see this all the time.
Back in NiP's glory days teams were 100x worse than they're now. Take 2013-2014 NiP vs 2019 Valiance, 3DMAX, Tricked, or even Epsilon and they would get 16-0'ed by them.. That's how tougher the scene ...
Best player
Sh1ro Bubzkji Roej Sico Nawwk Mantuu Xsepower Kaze Jamppi FreddyFrog Xellow CosmeeN Bl1tz Hadji Scoobyxie Robo Davidp Plopski B0rup All of these guys has so much potential!
Karrigan made FaZe what they are today. Honestly i see NiKo's ego being the real problem for FaZe, and they've never struggled more than after kicking Karrigan.
I don't think Gla1ve will leave Astralis for FaZe :-) Honestly their best option is to get Karrigan back (VERY UNLIKELY)... Golden is the best and most likely decision, Flusha would not be a bad choic...
Save the CS:GO scene!
Brazilian scene?
Top 30 Fix - Most competitive era in CS:GO history.
You're completely waste of time, with your knowledge of CS:GO mate..
Top 30 Fix - Most competitive era in CS:GO history.
Best Entry % from NaVi after S1mple? You gotta be braindamaged...