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remove smgs pls make csgo csgo
They are banning a lot of Chinese things. It feels like the war is just the matter of time.
Rio Major Postponed (Confirmed by me)
This looks really bad. I think Major should be rescheduled or play in other country.
100 Thieves vs Gen.G
Great that they qualified for the Major. Unfortunatley they won't achieve anything there.
100 Thieves vs Gen.G
Actually I watch their matches sometimes, and I see how usually they are playing.
100 Thieves vs Gen.G
Fragging isn't everything, especially for IGL, but he is not even a good IGL. Trash fragger, bad IGL. And he is not saving because he is an aggressive player actually.
arT vs FalleN
Yeah, I will go to sleep soon as well. Good night.
arT vs FalleN
So basically from my point of view he is bad IGL, because FURIA has poor gameplan. But you care about mid-rounds, and you think that structure isn't the thing of IGL, then arT can get decent, I agree.
arT vs FalleN
I would say he is a bad IGL. I don't think FURIA is a well lead team by any meaning.
Hurting=Lack of empathy?
There are situations like this, I agree.
Hurting=Lack of empathy?
Because you know it is bad. And you still make it.
arT vs FalleN
He is very aggresive player, he is the entry fragger for the team, it's normal that he dies quickly a lot of times.
Hurting=Lack of empathy?
The fact that you know that you will hurt someone and you still make it means you are a bad guy. I think that's right.
arT vs FalleN
Ok ruski
I don't know. They lack firepower.