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Yeah and matches like this, playing vs better players and analysing what mistakes you do will make you a better player.
yeah excatly, all the open qualifiers, there is a big chance to have a shot at playing a decent team.
If you really want to get better as a player then find a team and compete in it, play ESEA Open and stuff, that will make you better much quicker, but if you don't want to play in a team, then ECL is ...
ENCE fill out IEM Winter list
Well they didn't look as sharp as at IEM , but the invididuals were to much to handle for their opponets. There is some really interesting potential in this lineup. I'm looking forward to seeing more ...
metalheads come
adreN to miss PGL Major Stockholm
That's a big blow to Liquid, I'm really sad but at the same time happy for adreN, congratulations man. My hype about Liquid has become weaker now but I still hope for playoffs. Let's get them Liquid!
mousesports and BIG qualify for PGL Major Stockholm, OG out of contention
I think he still deserves more time to prove himself on LAN, we'll see how it goes, I hope the best for him honestly.
Witcher 3
Yeah I realised that I have better opinions on the games I played in my childhood aswell xD, seems pretty normal :)
Witcher 3
I think it's one of the best games ever made tbh., but at the same time, it's defienietly not the best one.
PGL Major Stockholm coverage hub
It's coming, I really like HLTV format, I feel like the site is heading into the right direction. Keep it up boys :)
mousesports and BIG qualify for PGL Major Stockholm, OG out of contention
Yeah I mean they surely know how to play the game, it's just the fact that their firepower is really in the worst place it has ever been I feel like, also it's still a new lineup, overall a lot of pro...
poizon and Complexity part ways
Good decision, he was pretty bad for a pretty long time already, I think it's a good move by coL. He was actually kinda aggresive AWPer so I just hope that they don't take another lurker to trade him ...
AGO qualify for ESL Pro League after strong ESEA Premier season
This just feels great, they have lost their 2 best players ahead of the playoffs and they played great anyway, good to see a Polish team stabilise inside the TOP 30, I think that they will show great ...