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Worst baiters on hltv
burger with basic geographic knowledge, im amused
Tall guys come
196cm, all my ancestors from grandpa side lived 95+, my grand grand mother died at 103yo
Indian Girl Part 2
christian beautiful reading
there might be individual cases of pedophilia amongst catolic priests but its rare and decried by religion and culture, on the other hand muslim imams in your kebab tv speak openly about marrying and ...
christian beautiful reading
at least im not putting my penis inside of domestic animals assholes you clown, go learn some history and come back when you know what pillars of society stands on.
christian beautiful reading
keep on fucking your goats fake flagger and leave christians alone vs Tricked
clutching while outnumber is lucky?
\vp god a lot to show
Ronaldinho of CS
why do u hate Russia?
cant communicate ingame
Niko next Snax
wtf u mean Poland won both wars, and btw you have leaf on your flag bro idk if u notice
any germans on major?
r8 pickem pls
dream eaters showed allright form in challengers stage, i dont think they will go 0:3. nip main core is getting old so most young teams will outskill them. mibr is playing with zews so gl on advancing...
Next major city
Trump Iran strike
dont underestimate chinese autority, they have fucking citizen elo ranking. cameras see you crossing the street on red light will derank you so u cant take loans or buy properties. also if u call thei...