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We have to laugh about Orbán, otherwise we'd cry mate. Spot on generally, well done.
FNATIC is starting to crumble, whats going on?
I don't know what you were reading but JW said it doesn't suit online play. Fnatic however looks great for such a 'young' roster, fingers crossed they become contenders again. Edit: replied to the w...
Kick Karrigan for the love of god...
If they don't trust karrigan to lead, he has to leave. The problem is, that NiKo isn't a top tier IGL, and the loose style he wants to keep will not make them #1 ever again. No matter what star player...
Machine and Pansy are both absolutely great at commentating. SadoG doesn't disappoint. Thorin on the desk. The format is sick. If the games are good, this has all the markings of a memorable event.
my last day as FaZe fan
Good riddance mate, you can go jump on the Liquid/Astralis bandwagon. There's no shame in losing to the better team. They made it as close as they could with the mess FaZe is in as of right now. They...
I said so in brackets. The way he acts, he probably doesn't want to win a tournament ever again either... Everybody is a drama queen, and they won't put aside their differences for actually competin...
NBK and Apex played the Boston Major with G2, where they received Legends status after making top 8. KennyS, shox, and bodyy hold 3 out of the remaining 5 spots. Technically anyone out of these 3 co...
FaZe are sloppy this tourney
First time this roster came together, they bombed out of groups in Malmö 2017, then won the next event, New York 2017 without dropping a map. Now if you really think about it, next event is for the In...
DEVICE= 0 mistakes
I remember when he had an AWP on Mirage B apartments, was about to be pushed. He mollied himself, got flashed and died. (Might have been against SK a few months ago?)
about bosnian genocide
We lived so close to the border, that we could hear artillery and small arms fire during the conflict. Yugoslavia was put together with no care for ethnicity, religion or historical borders. They jus...
My dad
Your father is right, making a living out of gaming is a privilege very few can accomplish. If your family doesn't support you in it, and you are not on a semipro level at the least you can only turn ...
about bosnian genocide
The whole of Yugoslavia was a ticking time bomb, just waiting for a casus belli. Nobody was right, and every side commited horrible atrocities, still to this day there are cases in Hague for the war c...
Europe Minor
If it was a few months ago, I'd have said NiP, but they managed to mess their roster and system up. If Optic don't make it they should be ashamed. ENCE and Leftout are also good shouts.
Gla1ve or karrigan
This isn't a good comparison, because their calling styles are fundamentally different. Gla1ve works for Astralis the same reason karrigan does for FaZe: their style suits their respective rosters. ...
i miss her
Start a new hobby, or get back into an old one. I'd suggest picking up a sport: either jogging/cycling, or if you're not intimidated by it, start working out. That's how I got through my worst times. ...