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FaZe still bad
Asia was barely tier 2, Star Series S4 was played when FaZe was slumping and Astralis hasn't figured their new things out quite yet and they still lost to mouz, Star Series 5 didn't even have Astralis...
FaZe still bad
How much? NaVi top 2 is the biggest joke this year so far, hltv thinking it's funny. The standin argument is weak - both teams had one. Overall this was a hard fought, fun, nailbiter of a final. Exact...
'Murican education. 1. North America is a continent. 2. Most NA pros are hella young and skinny, while EU has older players from the previous CS titles. 3. NA won 1 major, SA won 2, the rest are EU. ...
im just tired, tired of faze
Yeah, I'm not satisfiesed in the slightest. FaZe can still win this though, and it would be spectacular.
FaZe will take NBK
Golden is overrated. He won 2 events with fnatic, WESG where the only team they had to beat was SS, and Katowice where flusha turned back time to 2015. The players on FaZe are not going to work under ...
im just tired, tired of faze
First round I watched of the final was the Eco win when chrisJ blew Styko's brains out. I was really pleased when the teamswitch happened at 11-4 on Cache. Saying it went downhill after that is an und...
First girl meeting...
Seeing you are a neighbour, my advice might be handy. If you mean meet as in meeting for the first time, introductions are a kiss on both cheeks after a handshake. If you just generally hang out with ...
mouz or faze?
If GuardiaN plays like the semis, chrisJ can't touch him. Rain has been sleeping as well, Niko hasn't choked a final in months. I'm rooting for FaZe, but really want it to be a contested, interesting...
The problem is FB isn't a good platform to stream. I don't want to use my social media to watch gaming. I'm fine with YT, it's good quality and works very well on mobile devices. It's not Twitch, but ...
Can SpaceS win Faze on BO3?
Hooooly you got it nearly bang on :O The Turks are really cute and amusing in this thread, thinking SS would even stand a chance just because they beat a very out-of-form SK.
Faze Clan Fix?
NRG is a great dark horse right now, I wouldn't take anything away from their achievements these past few tournaments. A bo1 win doesn't really prove anything though, just remember when Vega upset FaZ...
Faze Clan Fix?
Dude they've been playing with standins for nearly 3 months, they won a tournament, made 2 semis. That ain't too shabby. Astralis won't continue this form for much longer either.
Olof - any clue??
Nobody knows, neithet Olof nor FaZe commented on it. We only know rumors that the first issue should be resolved and currently he is with his father who is terminally ill.
Fnx in SK
To even think anybody would willingly depart one of the world's most accomplished teams shows just how deluded some fans are. All 3 were kicked, but for very different reasons: felps due to a map pool...
Nip xizt
I'm a 20 y/o uni student in teacher training, and a volleyball player for the last 6 years, also currently signed to my uni's team.