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USA is modern Rome.
Good country, I agree with you But you got the worst president (apart of Bush) right now. Trump is really dumb tbh
Astralis vs North
"Never understimate your enemy" Good Job for North on the 1st map :) Pd: Dust 2 is balanced, don´t know why you complain so much lmao
Emm, I mean, from the map pool on pro competitive scene. I never said that I want that map to be removed from the game xD
+1 Valve fucked up the map on the remakes. Removed the window on hut, confussing sounds and layouts don´t allow to see where the bomb is. Even if I still like the map, they should replace this map wi...
Who can beat astralis
Liquid or NaVi with a single roster change
Who can beat astralis
+1 Even if I´m not an Astralis fan, they have improved since they created the team. They even made Magisk one of the best players on the team, because he was wasting his skill on a tier 7 team like ...
Who can beat astralis
Only NaVi if Zeus is not there Cmon, being a IGL doesn´t mean you don´t need to make frags. 8-32 in mirage once
s1mple about naf and liquid
So the first semifinal they lost against Liquid some time ago was for the crowd?
NA RETIRE ???????????????????????????????????
C9 won a major against EU teams closed
Congrats Astralis!
Face it Even if Liquid loses tomorrow (sadly) they are better than NaVi now :)
Giving up a 5v2 Losing 2nd time against Liquid on Semifinals S1mple performance was bad Bad coordination on comms Yeah, better team......
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Well, at least Navi was better than Astralis at some point So don´t be mad xD
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
What a god perfomance by everyone on Liquid. Well deserved victory :,) TACO really did an amazing job, he should be proud of himself by now :D
+1 No team is going to be good that fast with 2 new players. Retard kids that always say disband