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Even tho i dont play or watch lol i watched this one and im glad those sharp eyed korean fucks lost
pimp magisk kngv
"EG Unlikable"
idk i kinda like them , if only tarik wouldnt try and yell and scream like a little child on a sugar high , the other 4 are preety gucci
200kg squat before 16
dude when i mean growth i mean your muscules the tissue in them is underdeveloped , growth is not just a term for growing in height , no matter how much weight you put on whille working out wont make ...
200kg squat before 16
even if you can just dont , progress slowly you are still growing and putting that huge of a stress on your body is not needed you will grow naturaly with time and you can progress the weight there is...
Vinland Saga
Classic example of anyone going through half episodes and making an assumption , dfuq you on he is like slaughtering people in cold blood after ep 5 or 6 , and the anime follows the manga and the mang...
ur top3 actresses?
megan fox / acting pick one (._.")
GTR's future
would rather have gtr as analyst in events instead of pimp , every time that guy opens his mouth i want to bash his head with a metal rusty pipe
Polish pierogi
preety overrated
EG onliners
EG 0% winrate LULW
Jonathan E is a nigger
can confirm
NBK Rekt Chrisj
chrisj is the most hit or miss type of player , its either he plays and you cant stop him but most of the time when he is off he is even more useless than karrigan is
dfuq did he do ? anyone got the backstory ?
not shit teams , its just incredibly boring to watch nowadays , not a single stable team , its all mediocre teams with 1 just dominating all of them , there is no like head to head insane strats out...
NBK Rekt Chrisj
what kind of shit you smoking dude? i never compared myself to them , i am comparing them to the people who play with them at that level .