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NO CROWD "Erkek" means male and "kadın" means female, good luck with your research and way of overcoming your biases as you have a really lon...
Turks never in EU
I agree that Turkey is a shithole atm despite being Turkish but at least, not trying to delude myself and misguiding any other person :)
turkish football coach
Not to defend him or something else but there is an ongoing investigation about him for a day or two.
CerQ > w0xic
Turks will not harass you in any ways and Cerq is recently performing a bit better than he is supposed to but its so funny that you say mouz is nowhere close to top 5 when they are #8 now and were #7 ...
Csgo Maps
Mirage Vertigo and Nuke Of course
best player from ur country
Thanks Zeus
Calculating the quality of a countries' cs by only looking at their majors? Dude how many countries have won a major, 5?
Thanks Zeus
You are right and this does not, they already are!
best map of country
Hello vodka
Nothing changed, you are still dumb.
major is boring
"Pros are shitters" and "I used to watch them when I was a noob" huh? Go and challange them maybe if you are that good and they are that bad?
Turkish people come here
Most probably, thats a 2/8 bait but if you really ask it, it means the phrase that starts with the son of someone
Insulting people for playing bad which is unintentional and doing this through an English-spoken website related to a video game? Wish my parents haven't forced me to live in the same country as you.