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Sangal sign imoRR
Not kicked tho, left as his family needed money and the only way was full-time streaming and youtube.
As "semi-decent" has promoted to "good but not good enough to compete professionally", you are doing well so far in terms of respecting people's choices. Nice progress, keep it up!
Calling people bad if they are bad and no lifer if they are good indeed, lol :) Esea rank a is not "semi" decent at all btw, in case some wannabes do not now ^^ Just saying, mate
Bet on Mouz
Though it is not even related to corona and all that, I have a great issue in my life that loses my sleep every night and it is pretty nice to feel something else, at least for a couple hours. Have to...
Bet on Mouz
Why not :P The site I played on gave 2.6 for mouz, thought they were not going as G2 did to gain motivation and prove that they are not done after that 4 final win streak
Bet on Mouz
Say way more then the minimum wage in my country. For non-Turkish users, the wage is around 350 dollars
Most overrated players in csgo history
I guess Calyx and Michu are way much for him as mates :)
Krimz turns 26
He is still a beast tho :)
Matchmaking Elo makes so much sense
I was lem before I stopped playing for 5 months. Cameback, had a close lose with a decent contribution and won the following match, I got le. Then I won 3 with amazing scores and lose just one, what n...
For the first video: At 0.35 This is starting to be funny; At 0.54 He instantly got demoralized, he really did; At 1.01 The same thing happened yesterday, to me; At 1.03 I was saying "I am going to ...
Post me the video again and I will directly translate you what he says, C1 English, not fake flagging
Map tiers
Switch train with overpass and it is the same for me