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Using EU flag just for nick combo purpose. If you need to know from where I am, Norway.
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Denmark 0iq
We don't understand jungle language
S1mple stream
Omg you are retarded baiter, cya won't waste my time with you any longer.
S1mple stream
How it could be his point to flick when you can just tap instead of risking missing flick wtf are you talking about, he isn't doing it on purpouse. Also how can pros "think" he has bad crosshair place...
Pro's retire
Lmao pronax is so irrelevant for the past 3 years that he is basically retired
S1mple stream
Because s1mple has bad habbits and relies on his amazing skill which 99% of players don't have, that's why s1mple is really bad player to learn from. For example his crosshair placement is really real...
I guess your nationality by your fav alcohol
Players you miss
Ye but it's disrespectful no one miss 2015 olof considering his friendly personality and what a player he was
Players you miss
Lmao out of +100 comments one guy mentioned 2015 olof. The guy was a fucking beast such a disrespect from this community to olof
KennyS Extremely Overrated
Ofc olof, olof had highest peak in 2015 of any player in history of csgo
S1mple LUL
Graffiti = no one gives fuck Major = bigges achievement you can get in this game and thing that every competitive counter strike player aims for Nt poorlandian Btw device_2_majors_s1mple_0_major
I think adren is gonna be just stand in for the Major and prior events that’s why they don’t announce it. Faze will sign someone else as proper 5th after Katowice for sure.
favourite english word?
Thx sir, hard to fight whole US education system.
favourite english word?
Fuck is an obscene English-language word which often refers to the act of sexual intercourse but is also commonly used as an intensifier or to denote disdain. While its origin is obscure, it is usuall...
If device is #1
No one baits in Astralis you moron, if you think otherwise give us video proof of device systematically baiting his team mates like s1mple does. You just gave yourself away how much of delusional kid ...
If device is #1
For 2 years? So you saying s1mple is best player for past 2 years? Yet he didn’t win last year guess why? Because this is a fucking TEAM GAME and if you win with your team or you just farm kills and b...