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Using EU flag just for nick combo purpose. If you need to know from where I am, Norway it is.
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Complexity vs Astralis
Complexity vs Astralis
Potato head boy is back and so is Luckystralis with full blind kills.
Vitality vs BIG
>Losing with map advantage >french teams name more iconic duo Big will get back to being trash after game returns to lan, but still fun to watch
Best car brand ?
It’s 2020 we are talking now and there are much better options than GTR at same price range. And one car can’t make you greatest car brand in history.
Best car brand ?
Ye car where transmition can’t even handle own engine is better than one of the best cars in car history combined. Delusional GTR kid, keep watching Fast and Furious with Paul Walker.
Best car brand ?
So by your logic GTR is better than Veyron, Chiron, Huracan, Aventator, Urus, 911, 918 Spider, Carrera GT and many more combined?
Best car brand ?
So best car brand in the world is VW - Volkswagen, since they own Porsche, Lambo and Bugatti? XD
Ye finally onliners got rekt, Faze are preparing lube for you tomorrow.
Vitality vs FaZe
Hahahaha always when shox or apex are in camera they look so tilted. Typical french players.
FaZe #1 ?
Rain 25yo to old lmao. We got here 12yo newfag boys.
FaZe vs NiP
He was just added to the team lol. True no one understood why they benched Lekro to get hampus but it is what it is.
FaZe vs NiP
Clowns in pyjamas lmao. Getting ecoed 15:13 with ONE P250 AND GLAAAAAAWKS XDDD
FaZe vs NiP
These casters omfg, where do they get them? On train station? Lmao there is still like 10 seconds left on bomb after defuse. Casters: OMFG SO CLOSE DOWN TO THE WIREEEEEEE.
Asiimov > Vulcan?
Vulcan is defo better than OpenGL
JW Wallbang
Nothing special tbh. Wallbanging spot where T is hidding 99% of the time after postplant