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[Poll] Your first Major you've seen?
Same, problem is, I was watching the grand final, and then I got so sleepy, so I went to sleep thinking Faze would win, but then I woke up, saw the highlights and felt so stupid for not watching THAT ...
ViCi vs NASR
I wanted to ask too, there are so many roster moves for nasr idk whos playing at this point, ejram keeps taking kitkat's spot, and then havok somehow is not playing... wtf
-nbk +shox [shox isn't wrong]
Trueee, probably kids man, lmao.
-shox +NBK
Ikr? people are having a hard time trying to understand this, (probably silvers, you dont know lol) no one was comfortable with NbK, but nope, nbk fanboys can't accept the reality of nbk.
-nbk +shox [shox isn't wrong]
They're brain dead people dude, just ignore these retards lol.
music of iceland
Very interesting, some of them are quite catchy actually, what do they mostly talk about?
best tv show of all time is
damnn alright, where can I watch it?
best tv show of all time is
the 80's show? bro where can I watch that, I really want to watch that show I heard its sick
best tv show of all time is
I really want to watch that but, idk where, and it's pretty long (ik its a lame reason but ugh idk man xddd ) is it worth it?
best tv show of all time is
qatar come here
Ohhh interesting, what's it like there in Tajikistan? the flag looks similar to Kurdistan, other than that idk anything about it, ah, seems like the weather is somewhat similar, ah that's lovely, whic...
qatar come here
laaa ya5i, only halal marriage then I warmup my r4sh4sh on her hehe x)))
qatar come here
asta5firallahhhhh brother, halal in the streets, haram under the sheets, remember bro x))))
qatar come here
I'm good my friend! wbu, hows the weather there? (I am 99.99 percent sure you guys have better weather there in Iran than here in UAE, it's always hot my friend, day and night lmao)
qatar come here
Chatorri my friend (sorry if I butchered it xd ) Greetings to you my friend!