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Pls never copy again "Actually no , in first day i feel like i get over it , but after i remember and cry deep inside my soul
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csgo will BAN molotovs
Czech people come here
Afaik students that participate in this kind of activities must excel at english or/and french. Why dont you ask her in english? You will probably say it wrong and make yourself a clown
csgo will BAN molotovs
Hes true tho, i remember zeus's tactics from 1.6, much better gameplay without molotovs. They take 0 skill, just learn them from NadeKing and you are free to go(i mean those basic ones for clearing so...
It is bad that I laugh at this?
Yes but this is not a good thing my man. Everyone that does that should be embarassed Btw its not like someome started another world war to compare him to Hitler. As I said, he was evil because he st...
Respect FLUSHA
I feel you
It is bad that I laugh at this?
Its a big difference between ignorance and killing. Second, he uses that jewish non human crap because he needed someone to blame. Jews did not have a country nor organisation to defend them. After th...
BEAWARE of Scam!!!
Reminds me of Death Note
It is bad that I laugh at this?
Maybe by fame he meant any form of obtaining it and use it for yourself, like advertising. We should accept that he was a truly evil person. Yes its true that his name or anything related to him is ta...
It is bad that I laugh at this?
Interesting approach..
It is bad that I laugh at this?
Close enough tho. Im genuinely asking. I feel bad but Im in love with Friends
My first time playing fantasy
I trust brollan and i had put those roles before i asked
I broke my crushes neck
Very sociable indeed
Open Borders.
But i have a lightsaber, anakin in star wars clone wars maybe
how did u laugh in internet?
Morrr frt 😜👌🤭