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Device boring player?
He is the type of player because of which you leave dm...
One shot usp vs full armor?
Yes, and that is on small range. 55 on long distance, so you need 2 hs minimum.
SmithZz haters where u at
Outplayed s1mple in almost every duel!
Worst pro ingame name
somebody s1mple
Did u even click the link? :( Or u are affraid?
G2 Opinion
They could ezly win inferno! You can't let things like this to happen. Your star player get 30+ frags and you still lose.... Feels bad man. I feel so sorry for Kenny and S1mple as well
G2 - FaZe
Sooo u expected us to lick Nikos ass like those Turks does to Xantares? I can't support someone who is so arogant. Personality before skill! That is why i don't like S1mple, Niko, Rain; And support Co...
G2 fans arrogant
Soooo true! If someone is arogant, then that is Faze fans!!
G2 vs Luminosity
If G2 win this, 16-0 16-0 incoming vs Faze... There is no hope for them on this event!
Most Overrated Pro Players
His gamesense is 'find the people on the map, shoot them in the head'. No smart desisions, fakes ...
Most Overrated Pro Players
This post is a joke! I read the coments and I realize that there are no good players.
NRG vs G2
who will win ecs?
I do not expecting a lot from them on this event, but they will be ready for Major!!
I don't like kennys role in superteam. He need to be more passive, like guardian... He is very good at clutch situations, and you don't wanna lose him at begining of a round. I hope that ex6 will bui...
He had 100 good matches - he is good He have 1 bad - he is overrated, baiter, noob I am not SK fun, but they have my respect!