My thoughts about danger zone update:
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ViTaLiTy MuST bE PuNiShED Look what I found ROFL
France national day
USA must be "chier dans leurs pantalons" when they see so much patriotisms 😎
Vitality's haters???
I may be arsh with some words, but it's tiliting me to see people randomly talking about the team. In interview the coach said that the team were laking of playtime on D2 on LAN because on the lasts e...
Did you sell your whole family to have acces only to HLTV? Because you could avoid to feel dumb by making some research, because France also won 2 majors (
You don't even know why they suffer on Dust2 so stop bullshitting, before worrying for others try to create a scene in your favelas pls.
They are just a bunch of hypocrit, not understanding that Astralis can lose LUL
French CS trash
Stay silent and learn, this is modern CS. fnashit are nowhere near this level
RPK is the best french site holder with NBK, but he has something more, he NEVER complain and he plays every positions that players don't. That's why he is and will stay with Vitality.
mad cause no scene?
Vitality Luckers
mad cause no scene?
Astralis vs Vitality
Why does auto correction even exists? :'( (It was suppose to be Curie ffs)
IGL only 5v5
put any other IGL instead of shox and I'm fine
if Liquid win Cologne
IT wasn't overreacted, it took 3 years for a team to be enoughly good to be able to win this. Astralis were the firsts one to do it but it wasn't my luck, astralis brought to the scene the modern CS t...
Astralis vs Vitality