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Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
apology for poor english when were you when eg deads I was sat at home eating lemonade juice when kreig scope 'eg is kill' 'no'
Stewie2k&tarik fined?
It's a COMPETITION. You commemorate when you win, It's like that everywhere.
Stewie2k&tarik fined?
Imagine having people not agreeing with you then you create another post just to have people not agreeing with you again lul, being an attention whore in this forum went too far
Stewie2k&tarik fined?
It isn't an office, It's a competition. Which also involves the mental aspect of the players so It's perfectly fine to do that.
What happened to was not affiliated with hltv so I have no idea what happened
New Polish line up should look like that.
If they're actually planning to make this worth they should get bntet and xccurate, the polish beasts
This is not the first HLTV Discord, only premium members and staff have access to the original one.
zywoo cheating
Oh, hey, It's the daily zywoo cheating post
gamingxd vs Fierce
Hype won't play this as It's WESG
CS summit chat
Wtf is this discussion
I guess your weight
I'm 6'2 and I'm pretty thin
I guess your weight
Lucas / Don't play mm anymore, when I played I got to MGE but now I'm level 10 on faceit
Best-looking pro team jersey? I actually really like the new c9 one. (Swear this isn't biased)
Monstars vs subtLe
Why summit doesnt have a pic?
I play on 4716 eDPI AMA
Shameless self bump