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Most Likeable Pros
shroud Get right Snax Maj3r
cs go pro scene
Tarik isn't the only motivated player in C9, hell he isn't even the best, Autimatic is. They should +hiko and +nothing, already built chemistry between players and org, nothing is a free agent so no b...
Which team can punish Astrails?
G2 or Mibr, teams that Astralis hasn't played much recently and haven't been able to study intensely. I had hopes with C9 as well but bot styko ruined it
NiP's problem
The problem is that they have no proper support player, GeT right has been given the dirty work and that's not a rule suited for someone like him. In a roster full of superstars, they need a guy like ...
Only G2 can stop Astralis
Actually, what he's saying might make a little sense only because Astralis is a very tactical and researching team and we have little to no data about what all G2 got up in their sleeves and COULD be ...
FaZe vs MIBR
2017 El classico
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Smithzz +Ex6tenz 4D chess = G2 stun NaVi
G2 vs Natus Vincere
xD Your perseverance and determination as a fan gave him power
What does hltv stand for?
HLTV stands for peace and Justice in the world
Most generic names in your country
Rahul Rohit Kabir Raj Aditya Last name - Sharma/Gupta
I think faceit said something about having an extended major or something, like the minor counts as the major as well, like it did last time with 32 team so idk where they stand with who all get stick...
Sprout vs AGO
Sucks for Ago, they got the worst draw possible with Nip sprout Japaleno
Lol you must be mad now
mOE Permabanned off twitch
He deserves a ban but not because of but because of the sick gambling and influencing kids and all
On paper Ago should win, but who knows what NiP can do anymore, weird results we see from them here and there