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you fav. fap girl
But it's a weird question tho. It's framed as "How can someone?" which implies that you don't understand how anyone can watch porn with black people. This comes across as naive more than anything. Do ...
When to sleep?
Drink it pussy
you fav. fap girl
Idk exactly why you're doing nofap, but the way I see it, porn is the biggest issue. Ejaculating because your balls hurt is kinda whatever, but if you can't go a couple of days without porn you might ...
When to sleep?
I swear, coffee is life, learn to like it
When to sleep?
Bro im so tired reading this right now and it's still 4-5 hours till bedtime
football world cup
Damn, other way around for me. But yeah, fuck Qatar
Joker = trash
So why are you on a site about CS:GO? A game where you play as terrorist, trying to kill special forces and detonate explosives? This debate is so old and tired. None of the science or proper research...
Christian> Agnostic futile mind
You're going down this garbage presuppositional road that has been debunked countless time. You sound like Sye Bruggencate, who is the last person you want to be parroting.
Elige, twistzz, zywoo.
They did tho? Also, they won like 6 disadvantaged rounds in a row on dust, mainly due to timings and some weird plays by astralis. This is just the nature of CS, it's often chaotic, but it usually lev...
This guy is so good lol, always when astralis looks flat he just carries some rounds by himself.
get stronger
Twistzz gay?
They're still 3rd-grade thoughts
This is probably my last post mens(((
hehe, i also chug coffee at work, it's part of the wage-slave experience