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#teamSkadaddy... he's still one of the best in my AWPinion. c:
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I agree, there is a ton of potential for other maps but valve just doesn't seem to give a shizz
nothing can top the amount of toxic in the league of legends community
Top 5 IGLs ATM
lul +1 Astralis really does puts a lot of effort into the team, but I mean hey looks like the yoga and poolside demo watching pays off
SK is going down
lul someone always gotta lie. I think maybe Fallen didn't intentionally, maybe it's bc autimatic said no at that point already
SK is going down
We all know they were going to get rid of TACO and boltz. But Tim said no and they just replaced TACO instead with Stew read the full interview with Stew, you'll see
SK is going down
They tried to get both Tim and Stew, but Tim wanted to stay and Stew wanted to leave
FNS is actually really good
+1 lol anyone who thinks stew is better than autimatic is definitely smoking something, stew is so overrated bruh
When will C9 reveal new player!?!?!
Same, honestly don't think theres anyone better (that would switch) than him in NA
When will C9 reveal new player!?!?!
it's official now :p
When will C9 reveal new player!?!?!
Yep, he's back (even if though he never really left lol)
C9, Inferno, FNS
he's only played with mediocre teams in the past, this is his big break. I'd say give him some time
C9, Inferno, FNS
He's a good igl but when it comes to fragging... perhaps it's just one of his bad days lul
Cloud9 vs Liquid
I would too man lol we can cry together
Taco? LOL nah. Honestly, I think this roster is great. The team, and more specifically Ska, finally gets the igl they need. JDM needs to work on his rifling and Nifty won't leave Renegades. I think...
Cloud9 vs Liquid
the CEO of Cloud9 tweeted Ska thanking him for coming out of retirement to help C9 while they still look for a fifth :(