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Always been a Cloud9 fan and always will be if you got a problem with that then gtfo. But I am ofc open too discussions about all teams including Cloud9 and I will always try to have a pleasant and reasonable discussion but if you are just one of those people who just likes shitting on teams and not listen to what anyone has to say then I have no interest in getting to know you.
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Top5 AWPers in your country
I guess yea. He never really pops into my mind cuz of his long spree with the Australians. But he was not even a top 5 awper in the world in his peek Ska was during 2015 top 3 in the world especially ...
Top5 AWPers in your country
Yea i know but we kind lack good awpers in the US
Frankie De Jong
Top5 AWPers in your country
1.Stew 2.Nitr0 3.Ska (when he was at his peek he was one of the best in the world) 4.Shahzam 5.Auti
5 fav f-ball players
1.CR7 2.Rooney 2. Sir Alex i know he is not a player and hasn't been for a long time but his time in United will always be legendary. 3.Beckham 4.Belotti 5.modric
Chloe grace moretz and Scarlett J
r8 cute girl
Damn she hot af imo. I would say 9/10
Cologno winner
I hate to say it and I mean I really hate to say it but astralis is probably going to win.
Scarlett Johansson
I personally find her very attractive yes but that differs from person to person. I like her lips,eyes,hair and her tits ain't bad at all.
Why don't Vitality make ZywOo a superstar ??
good question
Your dream girl
Pretty much Chloe grace Moretz. Personally I think she's so fucking beautiful.
Respect Stewie
I agree that Autimatic is a thousand times better than stew and so much more consistent but if you look back to when stew had his run of form late 2017 to early 2018 he was one of the scariest players...
Respect Stewie
His playstyle is very high risk very high reward it's also a very situational playstyle as you said sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't it can definitely catch teams off guard with his very aggres...
Sleeping question
3-4 hours after after work go up make some dinner or order some food hit the gym for maybe an hour or two and then back home playing some cs and then go to bed sleep for maybe 2-3 hours and back to w...
Who is better
Auti by far he's amazing and always puts up a really really consistent showing he is completely nuts. Stew has his games there's no denying that but they seem to be more rare nowadays.