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Budapest Five vs Copenhagen Flames
mar will play or not?
SKADE vs Lyngby Vikings
skade's best map overpass. what a over confidence on vikings. they rushed with mac-10. i bet skade but i lost almost. they cant cover dust. vikings are really playing furia, rush rush.
Copenhagen Flames vs 777
most ever seen bad player rex. cph will lose 3rd map. really i'm watching since 2010 i did not see like bad player.
i dont understand why pro players are playing frivolous. it's a official match. gorillaz plays like nova team at mm.
Sangal vs 4glory
again low turk brain show. specially logicman. he thinks he's simple and always gone prefire and died postplant. 2vs2.
Copenhagen Flames vs Fiend
why fiend odds is so low? cp will take 2-0.
Copenhagen Flames vs Izako Boars
if izako can take nuke i cut my balls. they didnt find a player about 1 months. nice pro team.
ENCE vs Anonymo
ence is really so bad. 0-2 fast. inferno streak on anony.
BIG vs FunPlus Phoenix
0-2. big cant play mirage. where is that xantares from? he has a brain like my ex-girlfriend.
Extra Salt vs BIG
150.000$ final, salt played so relax. they always smiled, nothing about motivation. and they killed my coupon. idiots. https://resimyukle.io/r/FPpmYsK9oO
TYLOO vs Wings Up
a nova team can win vs this idiots. he has awp and pushed long with usp. train will be under sure 16-2 16-3 for tyloo. game over for 3.5 overs.
Anonymo vs SKADE
overpass picked? not vertigo? nice. rip for over 2.5, fast 0-2 skade.
Young Ninjas vs Lyngby Vikings
why device is not playing?
Dignitas vs HAVU
love u havu, trust yourself and sleep more. your eyes are incredible. thanks.
GameAgents vs DBL PONEY
have dbl money chance for playoff?