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Ropz = Messi
"Ropz is CSGO's Messi while s1mple is CSGO's Cristiano Ronaldo." So you are an Argentinian and passively admit that Ronaldo is better than Messi??? That's a new one. LOL
Ropz's dad
Humanity is pretty pathetic if they connect over disasters of other people.
poor flusha
Your analogy was as accurate as peeing to a shot glass. Your analogy did not took into account the most important thing - things like throwing are ruining the competitive integrity and that is way wor...
poor flusha
"I'll never understand why people put cheating on the same pedestal as throwing." They not. Cheating is significantly worse then throwing. Just because something is not as bad, doesn't mean it will al...
Gaming chair
Gaming chair
Why do you need gaming chair? Just buy a comfortable one and the one that does not fuck up your back bacause of prolonged sitting
poor flusha
Nope. It is exaggeration of your own false analogy.
poor flusha
I agree. Killing a person should also be pardoned. After all in a grand scheme of things it is only shooting a bullet or slicing some flesh.
navi haters come here
hm... Signed up 2009-07-31 Comments 642 You are involved in discussions frequently, aren't you? Fakeflagging? Fan of navi and writes in russian. Pretty sure fakeflagging. Degenerate? The previous res...
r8 simple GF [+18]
Holy shit LMAO hahahaha
navi haters come here
such a fakeflagging degenerate
dude, why do even respond to them? Didn't you hear a phrase "don't feed the trolls"? :D
Japanese Age of Consent
How does it feel when it seems your sole accomplishment in life is being born in a great place but you have nothing to do with adding to it?
Japanese Age of Consent
So then it's not a myth if it is happening. Why then this is not being fixed when everyone is talking about it for ages? Would also be a small price to pay in order to appease "libtards" and start ha...
Japanese Age of Consent
do you notice that no one except americans is accusing others of being brainwashed by communists?