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ENCE vs Windigo
You both argue about labeling. Lol who cares
faceit premium
wurf wurf
[18+] hot girl pics/gifs collection #3
Look, I don't want to waste time writing long post with all the figures explaining why soviets had more severe impact with exiles to Siberia, communist regime, corruption, deficit of goods, etc to the...
You were occupied by ussr. Ww2 impact is way less important than ussr for the present state of poland.
being global by solo queue
I agree. I got it like after 50 matches or smth. No biggie
being global by solo queue
No one except you of course
fuck essays
What? Are you dumb? In one post you say you hate limitations like numbers of paragraphs and in second post for you its ok to have rules on number of paragraphs. And then you say that I'm saying there ...
fuck essays
Did you get molested?
fuck essays
Yeah... Essays would be waaaaay better if you just let the dumb ass students to release their non existent creativity (99% of the times) and write however he likes without any guidelines lol. Teachers...
being global by solo queue
Yeah... I mean who the fuck plays the game you love just for playing it.
Cricitizing Islam on HLTV
do you honestly hope to convince muslims to quit their bullshit in hltv forum when there is already uncountable volume of information on topic "religion is bullshit" on the internet or you just want t...
Top 8 predictions??
No Politics on HLTV
no. Why would you want to ban that??? How else would you find out about latest terrorist attack, what Trump is currently up to or the newest school shooting in US? Nobody is making you go to these thr...
so, as I understand, you are you saying that you are unhappy about where you are in life and how people treat you and because of that you go vent your anger in random internet forums?