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I r8 your favorite song.
lol :D have seen it
I r8 your favorite song. If you dont rate it I am going to find and .... By the way it's rap
Im device hater but
That's why MSL was in tier10 team (North) He has disipline and respect his enemy way to much that's the reason astralis is top1 in world
“Free” University
I don't know how people have that much time for that much hate . Either wasting time writting here trying changing peoples opinion. If they don't fail they not learning from the mistakes
I work for valve
Your countdown started sir!
I work for valve
If you work for valve prove it by banning me biatch
[18+]I can guess if ur virgin or not
It was major final right?
[18+]I can guess if ur virgin or not
Just give me this info: Ur weight : 1.83 CM / 83 kg Ur fav csgo team : Astralis Device top 3 awper ! ur favorite major : To be honest I'm not sure if it's a major final but it's the match which it wa...
Pimp's tryhard AMERIKAN accent
How much you weigh?
That eat dicks -_- you gain muscle in your ass
How much you weigh?
You're welcome
How much you weigh?
That's easy brahh when you eat trying eat as much as you can . Don't drink water when you eating and eat fast. Pasta Pizza helps gaining weight. Eat 4 times a day usually after 19:00 PM (pasta and piz...
How much you weigh?
87 kg 183 cm 20 years old 3 months ago i was 94 kg just hitting the gym right now
best free movie site Subtittles are in albanian language but as long as you understand english you will be fine
br girl vs eu girl
So what you trying to say it's Thank you?