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How much you weigh?
That eat dicks -_- you gain muscle in your ass
How much you weigh?
You're welcome
How much you weigh?
That's easy brahh when you eat trying eat as much as you can . Don't drink water when you eating and eat fast. Pasta Pizza helps gaining weight. Eat 4 times a day usually after 19:00 PM (pasta and piz...
How much you weigh?
87 kg 183 cm 20 years old 3 months ago i was 94 kg just hitting the gym right now
best free movie site Subtittles are in albanian language but as long as you understand english you will be fine
br girl vs eu girl
So what you trying to say it's Thank you?
rain's girlfriend
His money ? her money? so he only deserve rich girls? and she only deserve poor and pretty guys?
2400$ if i win wc bets
Ja qifsha ropt atij qe se la di marian ta bente ate gol nuk i dha as te kuq , Mesi e beri shtyll.
They only winning if Putin will play for Serbia aswell
2400$ if i win wc bets
O plak Nigerin me argjentinen e loza 2-2 4 + dhe kroacin x 2 sberi nje gol me teper ja qifsha ropt argjentines prisja dhe brazilin neser 2 2+
2400$ if i win wc bets
I played Iceland-Croatia x-1 (45/90) and Nigeria - Argentina 2-2 4+ (45/90 and +14 goals the whole game) Serbia- Brazil 2 2+ $20 for $500 1 fucking goal at Argentina :'(
Please god send me in USA
Trump is good for USA and not for other countries you must undertand it . He is doing a great job for USA but ruinning every relation possible just to make america great. He turns everything in USA fa...
If u were rich
Spending them on Girls and Shoes Taking some pills in Ibiza and showing Avici I'm cool