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Throin nad his knowledge on Flashpoint 2
he is a bad analyst because he cant predict or can give a good point why one team is winning other than this player sucks right now. he is a bad historian because he puts his opinion and adapt facts ...
Throin nad his knowledge on Flashpoint 2
but you are a bad historian when you define what someone deserves or not, you can say that nip lost the game because he played badly, but as a historian you cannot say that you deserved to lose ... yo...
Throin nad his knowledge on Flashpoint 2
ok ... but even at that time thorin was never the way to obtain such information, in the past you used to go to forums where the players themselves put the game demos. "mobile history because he coul...
Throin nad his knowledge on Flashpoint 2
the players' info, stats , appearances, trophies --> you can get anywhere...hltv can give you that really easy...thorin was never a reference in that people, facts and truths --> he is biased in crit...
Throin nad his knowledge on Flashpoint 2
of course he can be doubted...by your own words "He is biased and corny in critisizing other talents"...so his view of history or events can be doubted
USA #1
every time i hear this i remember this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTjMqda19wk
When and why people became so sensitive?
there is no way to generalize these things ... case by case has to be looked at ... one thing is to discuss what a comedian says on stage, another is the comment of a president minimizing an issue or ...
most of the links of the raw data they used are dead...so i will call bulshit and benford law is valid for regular growing numbers...there is still a big dispute whether it is valid for "jumping numb...