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Climate change
Hypothesis is not a theory, again we are talking purely scientific terms here, not how the word is used in common language...
Climate change
A) no it's not B) theory in science basically means fact; gravity is a theory, but are you a gravity denier?
Best movie ever
The Boondock Saints
Was the moon landing fake?
Ha!! You still believe in the moon! xD
school = bs
School is useful for the people that aren't born brilliant, I couldn't imagine what kind of shithole I'd live in w/o education. While the argument could be made that the internet could be used to repl...
I'd take out that atheist and evolutionist part, I have met many MGTOWs that are devout Christians. But yeah.... this is true
RX 560 4gb
ok kek yeah it should be fine, but on the off chance you get a time machine... go back and wait a while longer so you can get a card thatll take advantage of your CPU power
RX 560 4gb
then wtf you asking hltv for, test the games yourself... btw this will be plenty for CSGO Fortnite i see above 60 with some graphical sacrifices PUBG... forget it GTA V will be fine it'd be great...
RX 560 4gb
you already bought the card?
RX 560 4gb
wouldn't recommend that card save up and get a good nvidia card 1060 or above, that'll take advantage of that i7 and 12 gb of ram
ill rate your car
1993 Chrysler New Yorker
if NiP defeat Astralis....
UK vs Australia
The Sun exists for more than 4 days a year in Australia...
Best rpg you ever played
call of duty
That's not how it works in America... If we elected based on popular vote than I say he has a decent chance at nabbing the election as a third part candidate, but we don't so he has to play by the "ru...