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pro players cars
dennis has a c63 amg sedan and olofm a CLA AMG. Apex has a s5 or something? S1mple drives an a5
fps not stable causing missing frames = stuttering
Did u check in BIOS if ur RAM is really on the speed it should be? A lot of times the BIOS takes something on auto which is lower
fps not stable causing missing frames = stuttering
Put the nvidia settings on default, and try it again. Could be the shadercache imo, I suggest to just keep it all on default except the energy saving on max performance and vsync off.
mooi verhaal
s1mple rage
nvm found it
AMA User 584
I see I am oldskool with 5 digit ^^
AMA User 584
Did you ever see any change in the hltv website?
i5-4690k CSGO
you can't rly get much better for CSGO atm.
Got fifth case
3 cases and all were full of shit, a mag7, aug and mp7 -_-
hiko's sister
your job and salary
you're not doing bad either
your job and salary
pro gamer 35750$ per month
300 fps with gtx 1070
Yeah I got linx stable a while back with 1.13vcore but in daily use sometimes my PC shut down so I highered it. Tried some higher ghz as well couple weeks ago but it didn't really work out and I c...
300 fps with gtx 1070
true, I use 1.18vcore with 4.4ghz i5 4670k, got a pretty good batch :P doesn't reach 50-60 with a corsair hydro h100i anyways in daily usage.
300 fps with gtx 1070
It's easy to do yes, but to do it good is something different. Try to get the lowest voltage possible as it will decrease your temps a lot and also the lifespan of the processor.