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G2 vs North
Petit café, brioche ... le quotidien d'un artiste
islamophobe = 0 iq
Rain = clouds = so cloud9 ?
islamophobe = 0 iq
What is your favorite csgo team ?
retired players
Why Turks only cheating ?
On of my favorites maps :(
Why Turks only cheating ?
Guys there is a half solution : NEVER PLAY DUST2 + MIRAGE If you don't play on this 2 maps you drop the chance to play against cheaters at 20% !
Why Turks only cheating ?
I just finished a game right now against 2 swedish players and guess what one was cheating without shame.
Why Turks only cheating ?
Thanks for the advice, i have turkish friend he only play dust 2 too
Why Turks only cheating ?
To be honest i don't care about all of this, I only have problem with cheaters. I prefer x1000000 time a toxic chat vocal game than a game against cheaters.
CS GO Messi, who?
Skills = Simple Trophies = Device But Device is just a little bit under s1mple if you talk about skills So probably Device
Why Turks only cheating ?
There is no problem with the turks themselves but i swear valve need to fix this, the most insane part of it all is that they not even get banned
Why Turks only cheating ?
And just in case, i have no problem with turks themselves
Why Turks only cheating ?
Valve need to create Turkish servers, and they can only play against each other. PROBLEM FIXED
I didn't say he is good, just saying that Vitality probably doesn't want kick apEX so quickly because it's his project
Vitality CSGO Rooster is a "apEX Project", it was him you asked the ceo ...ect of vitality so pretty hard to kick him