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s1mple & dev1ce
Skill-wise, I would give it to s1mple. He and NiKo are gifted at what they do. Dev1ce will get #1 because he is with Astralis. HLTV will give #1 for a play from #1 team, just coldzera last year.
How is 15-14 considered a big lead? Anyway, I'm not here to defend karrigan. I only pointed the fact FaZe chokes as a team and it seems everyone just loves to blame karrigan. He is gone now. We will s...
Let just agree to disagree. I'm tired of hearing choking = bad strats. Many times they had massive lead like 14-4 or something like that and still crashed 14-16 or on OT. If the strats suck, they woul...
Language is what you are worrying about for FaZe? That's the least of their problems. The fact they didn't seem to commit to AdreN is not a good sign. New roster can be fragile and RobbaN is stepping ...
FaZe disqualified
They still have Karrigan. They benched him, not kick him yet. He is still a part of the roster.
Faze's 5th
It is the last day of 2018 today and still not a single news coming out. I think they couldn't make find anyone in time. Just hope they will stick with Karrigan until after Katowice. They can still wi...
FaZe signed AdreN
Nice photoshop but that looks like someone else' body.
Faze smooya
The worst ridiculous idea ever. What strats are they gonna use? Buy 5 AWP?
FaZe, what do they need?
Jesus, best thread about FaZe 2018 (+1000). I said the same two things all the time. 1. Get a freaking psychologist ASAP. They can't keep having melt-down/choking moments in important matches like th...
Gj faze next navi
I only said it because clearly FaZe Clan thinks the only way to stop choking to kick the choker which is not karrigan IMO. Of course, FaZe thinks just like any other 12 years-old (you're probably incl...
Gj faze next navi
I guess so are you given it takes one to know one.
Gj faze next navi
Out of all players from FaZe, karrigan is the least choker of the bunch. If they want to fix the choking problem, kick the true choker AKA rain or GuardiaN or even NiKo. Frankly, the problem can be so...
Why laughing? Sad day for karrigan who is a nice guy. It is a mistake from FaZe to kick him. They are so delusional to the point they think the only way to beat Astralis is to have 5 star players who ...
FaZe changes guessing game.
2018 has been a mixed year for FaZe. Great wins but some missed opportunities. They won 3 trophies which is second most only after Astralis. Everyone makes a big deal out of their struggle simply beca...
FaZe lose everything?
They just choke. The team only cares about "who will IGL, kick karrigan or not, blah blah blah". You can add s1mple to that team and they will keep choking. Cough up some money and hire a real coach o...