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coldzera joins 00Nation
The first order of business for the new year for this team is to find a new team name. I don't even know how to pronounce it? double-zero-nation?
BIG sign faveN in transfer of "unprecedented size in German CS"
Good move to have a full German lineup but not sure this really helps in any way with the fact the team is wildly inconsistent. Gage wasn’t even the problem in the first place.
device: "All of these nonsense reports of me leaving the team are exactly that, nonsense"
Read the post again. Twitter or HLTV, it is just a rumor. What else is it to than some gossip from some so-called journalist on some random French website? He should call the police or file a lawsuit ...
device: "All of these nonsense reports of me leaving the team are exactly that, nonsense"
For a guy with mental issues, he seems to pay an awful lot of attention to Twitter. Maybe lay off Twitter for a bit would help. Rumor is just a rumor until it comes true. No reason to overact to it. F...
es3tag most unlucky player?
C9 was disbanding and he joined Astralis. He chose to leave Astralis to join COL even though Astralis wanted to keep him.
es3tag most unlucky player?
He should have stuck with Astralis. He was doing great at that moment. Moving over to COL was the root cause of all of his current problems.
G2 set to bring in XTQZZZ, in talks with Aleksib - Report
I know good IGL is not easy to find but aleksib for real? because OG is doing so hot? G2 is one of these teams that just make some questionable moves.
device looking to return to Astralis - Report
This is truly a LMAO moment. So the whole NIP move is a PR stunt? What a waste of time this is. Now Estag is stuck with NIP. Way to go Device. After the Anonymo incident, you can really see Device’s ...
HEN1 announces free agency
Such a shame. He was great with FURIA. Energetic and reliable even with a rifle. Leaving FURIA just because you wanted to play with your brother is a mistake career-wise.
Astralis vs Liquid
Hey need a third IGL to make this work.
Astralis vs Liquid
I didn't watch the first map but did I see this right, Astralis 1-16 on Nuke? How on god name Astralis, a top-tier Danish team, can possibly lose Nuke on that fashion? This Astralis roster already spe...
FaZe vs BIG
Clearly karrigan knows that quote as well. Sadly, on the CT side, they can just sit and hold the angles. It is Mirage after all.
FaZe vs BIG
It amazes me how bad FaZe is on T-side on every map. Just horrible. Running around mindlessly is apparently a T strat on karrigan's book. This roster has run its course. Time to just break it all dow...
Heroic vs FaZe
There is no hope for this FaZe roster. I'm not a fan of overhaul the entire roster but at this point, FaZe org should just disband this roster and build a new roster from ground-up. It becomes tiring ...
FaZe real fix
Aleksib is highly overrated. If you are gonna get rid of Karrigan, at least get an IGL that actually has some decent records.