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fnatic vs mousesports
This game is so over. Mouz is just awful.
GODSENT vs mousesports
Well, Fnatic is at least winning some and losing some. They always manage to survive it seems so no need to worry about them just yet. NaVi is a lost cause. It is just a s1mple show since day 1. I don...
GODSENT vs mousesports
I'm sorry but this Mouz roster is just no longer working. They can't stop losing to random teams. Some changes are needed at this point.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Well, so much for the newly #1 ranked team. They are a good team. Just a bit inconsistent. Can be good in some maps and horrible in the others.
MIBR vs Cloud9
Trying to decide which team is worse than the other because they are both horrible.
fnatic vs mousesports
Half way through the first-half and this game is over. This mouz roster is just no longer working. It has run its course. w0xic is great in D2 but useless in any other maps (absolutely horrible in Tra...
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
This mouz team is just as horrible as NaVi. Bots vs bots. What a final.
mousesports vs MAD Lions
This mouz roster has been dead for a few months now. It is going through the natural process of a dying team. Keep losing for another month or two and then someone will get kicked, new player comes in...
Another day, another loss for MIBR. One thing is the same though, still rotten at the core. Look bleak. trk, the newcomer, is bottom-fragging. Another meyern. Good player but probably dying because o...
Astralis vs G2
Can this series be more of a beat down?
Copenhagen Flames vs mousesports
This Mouz team is such a joke.
I think because he is a known player already. He was in a major final with Immortals. The scandal at Immortals certainly hingered his career for a bit. Now, at Furia, he seems to flourish again. He ha...
FURIA vs Liquid
Boy, NA CS at its finest. Players just W-key entire the end of time...
ENCE vs Astralis
Fnatic will be thanking ENCE for being such a certified bot team. allu is so useless as AWPer.
GODSENT vs mousesports
This is over for Mouz and so their hope for this tournament. Certainly doesn't deserve to advance with this garbage performance anyway.