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Right, let bring in the worst player possible to replace someone in the superstar team like FaZe. FaZe may have a bit hard time lately due to their abysmal teamplay but their individual skills would c...
FaZe ScreaM or FaZe kioShiMa?
Does anyone around here even bother to watch FaZe's games or just simply look at the results and post "roster change"? FaZe is flooded with firepower and it becomes a problem as they rely heavily on i...
OpTic vs FaZe
They choose NiKo as IGL now. The problem is they are freaking lazy. They never practice or grind it out like any other teams. They just keep doing the thing like getting together 2 days before event t...
faze fix
This team is smart on server but incredibly dumb outside. Their teamplay is the worst thing imaginable. No communication, forget to check angles, don't know how to trade. WIthout their individual play...
faze fix
OpTic vs FaZe
+1 Olof has saved their butts so many rounds. This team just can't learn how to play CS without individual prowess. Let rain calling for all I care. Just play as a team. Have some communication and kn...
OpTic vs FaZe
They have no com because they don't know how to play as a team. Typical of FaZe having on person getting 2/3 kills and win the round straight up. No com needed. When things don't go that way, yelling ...
OpTic vs FaZe
Because when their individuals win some rounds, they think they are good again. They will simply never learn how to play as a team despite all recent poor performances. FaZe is smart on server and cle...
OpTic vs FaZe
Come on FaZe. Have some discipline for once in your life even when you are gonna win no matter what. This team just refuses to play as a team.
Windigo vs FaZe
FaZe is still gonna win this map but that round with 3 guys grouping up and no one bothered to check the behind is the problem!
-karrigan +kennys
Jeez. So basically the entire lineup of FaZe is using AWP? The current lineup already has 4 players who can use AWP efficiently. Three of those can be main AWPer at any other teams. The last thing FaZ...
FaZe Clan Roster
If it was me, I would -RobbaN. Hire some coach who has a ball to say it to their faces that they suck as a team and stop relying individual plays.
Karrigan is ducktape
LOL. If I'm not there, they may. They always decide to go home early when I show up. Truly FML.
Karrigan is ducktape
With this current teamplay, I won't keep my hope up unfortunately.
Karrigan is ducktape
Nice. I planned to go but may skip Chicago as I have been travelling a lot lately. So tired with flying back and forth. I was in ATL for ELEAGUE and NYC for ESL. Wanted to see FaZe play on stage and s...