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NIP vs Anonymo
Great game regardless the drama behind it. If a few rounds worked out differently (especially the deagle round on CT side), Anonymo might've won it. Keep it up. They can still advance far in the tourn...
He is not wrong. It is so easy to reschedule a match. Poor decision-making and here we are. A mess. Whoever made the decision should get fired.
FaZe unwatchable
This roster is a goner. No hope. It is just the matter of time before they get into the cycle of "kicking someone". Look like rain is next. Meh, nothing is gonna work with this broke-down roster. Brok...
Sprout vs FaZe
This Faze Clan is such a joke. How can you possibly lose a post-plant 4v3 with no kit? Just get out already.
NIP vs Anonymo
Boy and here I thought this match is a goner for Polish team. NIP managed to screw this up.
NIP vs Anonymo
This is such a boring match. I mean this Polish team is hardly a challenge for NiP.
karrigan is terrible
I disagree but you have ur opinions and I have mine. Not here to convince you otherwise.
karrigan is terrible
I don't think his calls are bad but the way he thinks of himself is bad. His aim skill is certainly not great but he can be useful staying alive instead of doing YOLO move, die and let his team in 4v5...
G2 vs FaZe
This game is over.
faze frustrating to watch
They have no teamplay or discipline. It is like watching a bunch of players in EPL. Look at karrigan running on Ivy when they were 1-player up and died to a player held an angle. Then, lost the round ...
fnatic vs mousesports
At the end of the first half when they were about to cut to commercial.
fnatic vs mousesports
Well, the hot mic basically tells the story of how depressing fnatic is on Overpass. "JW is on 2 kills or some shit like that".
Vitality vs DBL PONEY
Well, that was a train wreck by Vitality.
Vitality vs DBL PONEY
5-16 on Nuke? Boy, is it just sad?