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Evil Geniuses vs Complexity
Some real sloppy CS from Complexity. They are bad all-round skill-wise. Would not be surprised if they kick one or two players within the next 3 months.
mousesports vs m1x
This lineup of Mouz has some serious problems with consistency. They can play well one map and completely fall off the cliff the next map. How do they expect to win anything big if you can't beat some...
YNK is such shit coach
He is not a coach. He is an analyst and coach wannabe. Out of nowhere, MIBR made him a coach and all sudden he is going around as a "coach". It is a joke on its own.
FaZe vs mousesports
I gotta say Mouz is the probably the dumbest team in term of gamesense. Certainly have the skills.
mousesports vs OpTic
Can't imagine this Mouz roster will stick around for long-term with this kind of performance. The sloppiness, inconsistence and lack of coordination are just unbelievable to see. I would be surprised ...
I'm not sure why people are surprised about Olof's AWP skill. He has been secondary AWPer for FaZe since the start. His AWP skill is comparable with any main AWPers from other teams. It is just when G...
mousesports vs BIG
They've been having problem with slow start every series which is not good at big tournaments which start with a Bo1. Secondly, they have a hard time for all 5 players performing consistently. Always,...
mousesports vs BIG
How much what? Betting? I don't bet so don't you worry.
mousesports vs BIG
I agree. I wouldn't call the first map in this particular series is good. Just an example what I said about "first map good, second map terrible".
mousesports vs BIG
Have no hope for this Mouz roster. It is insane how inconsistent they are from map to map in the same series. First map looks good, second map looks totally terrible.
Vitality vs mousesports
Mouz needs to kick either frozen or woxic. Both of them have skills but absolutely horrible gamesense. Also, as a whole, the team seems to read the game very poorly.
+1 Couldn't say better myself. Want to kick karrigan. Fine. At least, thinking about another IGL to pick up. Instead, just picking random players and an useless IGL to boost.
YNk is the problem
Don’t judge FaZe
I have no hope for this roster even before the result today. Look at Malmo 2017. They did pretty OK actually. Lost to NiP in a Bo1, won vs Mouz in a Bo1 and lost again Gambit 2-1. So they won some map...
Faze fix 100%
draken? Should just stop there. The dude missed most of basic shots and hit some rare shots. He got more frags with the AK than with the AWP. Definitely top-tier AWPer.