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Cobble > dust2
Dust 2 is not the best but Cobble is by far the worst. Extremely boring map. If the T decides to go for A, it is Twitch front-page worthy. Got rid of it is the best thing ever happened this year.
Have you seen Mouz games in tournament? They barely got by with 2-1 every match. Many maps were very close as them went to almost all 30 rounds. They look shaky at best. Astralis had one map OT vs C9 ...
Mouz 2-0 Astralis? Not gonna happen. Just hope Snax gets double-digit in frags. That is a win on its own for Mouz.
You literally just listed their achievement. How many teams have made it to 5+ big finals and winning like 4+ titles within 2 years?
END OF FAZE ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Such a poor performance from them at ELEAGUE. I think it is rock-bottom for them so they will bounce back. Now Olof is back. No more stand-in or uncertainty. They can have proper bootcamp to get some ...
fnatic vs FaZe
I counted on them to make it to playoff as they have done that every tournament this year. it just happens I decide to go this time and they say "Nah we will screw everything up and get eliminated in ...
fnatic vs FaZe
You mean bet? I never bet. Flying to Atlanta to see FaZe play this weekend. They won't be there so I guess I will waste 300 bucks for that,
fnatic vs FaZe
Time for me to stop watching this utterly garbage performance from FaZe. Let just force-buy and play weird rounds and then lose in full-guns vs pistols.
FaZe are sloppy this tourney
I mean you can't really say they play with Olof for the first time. They played with him before MANY times. FaZe has played with brand-new stand-ins and still performed much better than this. I feel t...
IF mibr lose to C9
Honestly, it is gonna very awkward matchup regardless who wins given the history and recent roster shake-up.
Tarik leaving
I actually laughed at this post. So job well-done.
Mouz did play well and FaZe seemed very off that day. 2 out of 5 (GuardiaN and rain) didn't perform at all. Seemed off in communication as well. They stayed in same position, two people checked the sa...
Astralis vs Liquid
Well, Liquid manages to get the dementia from FaZe on Mirage. They looked OK at first and gradually looked clueless. What is up with these teams on Mirage?
FaZe vs mousesports
It amazes me how many mistakes FaZe made in Mirage given how many times they played that map. It almost looks like they played this map for the first time. This team seriously needs some bootcamp to g...
The amount of mistakes this series from FaZe is outrageous. Is this Mirage right? They seem to forget how this map even looks like or something.