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26.5 but I dont find 177cm/83kg a bad proportion - these bmi rates seem like another laughable lactose/gluten crap.
Do u wear mask?
Sure I do, with exceptions for uncrowded spaces
Do u wear mask?
n1 ))
US And Russia
Politicians change but nothing changes. US is gonna sanction, provoke local proxy wars around our borders yet they will not do any major damage - Russia still gonna do as it pleases. US knows it can...
12h job [+16]
you won't last long. I took a 12h month programming job. After 1 month I already hated pretty much everything about my life and money didn't cover the losses.
Sun Tzu
obviously #20 is good example of #21 ))
Sun Tzu
it states obvious things about army placements, initiation techniques, nutrition - it's a short book - read it but you won't find nothing there. People somehow think the mindset is applicable in our ...
Sun Tzu
When I read it I thought it was directionless and repetitive, not to say the means described are mostly dishonarable, animalistic. Well, I don't remember why I read it but I'm not coming back for more...
North vs Gambit
gambit cheating? they guess so many spots
iPhone 12
i would say that this is silly since phone is just a .. phone - conceptually the same stuff as 5 years ago, slightly upgraded stats - you really car?
iPhone 12
my dad makes $100k and I'm still not going to buy it.
iPhone 12
how come it's not much money? take average software developer in Germany - his wage is around 3.5-4k euros per month. Subtract taxes ~ 30-40% and you're left with roughly 2k to spend.
iPhone 12
bought an i6 on alixpress for $100, replaced the batter on arrival. i12? $1000? no thank...
have you tried ZEUS CYBER-SCHOOL yet?