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Kaka Messi or Cr7
Zidane clearly the GOAT, cant be denied. Ronaldo and Messi second/third in however order you like. Ronaldinho highest skilled footballer ever but for 2 years only.
Vitality vs Spirit
Well Vitality isnt better than what we are seeing. Result would be the same offline. No idea what "nt prodka" means but sounds cool.
Vitality vs Spirit
Vitality is just not better and its online. Well played to Spirit :)
He is overrated yes. But not bad or anything like that. He got the talent to be amazing, but he seems to lazy to ever use it or do it.
Please Astralis
Dont think anyone will be "clear #1" before this online shit is over
Where is gambit? clearly the best or second best.
2020 #1 rankings
Astralis was #1 in the start months of 2020 and still would be if Xyp and glaive didnt choke on there money as the retards they are. "buuhuu its hard to play computer and earn millions".. Cry me a riv...
BIG vs NiP
Arh i get it. +1 then
BIG vs NiP
Online big is decent :) and they actually achieved a #1 even though we all know it doesnt count for much these covid days.
BIG vs NiP
This online era is just full of weirdness :) But wp NiP and not so much BiG
Ballon d'Or 2020
Cant be any doubt. Lewandowski.
fnatic vs Astralis
Wow Astralis needs train prac. But with 2 skilled players instead of jugi and snappi it would always be 2-0 for Astralis. Not the best showing on CT train side.
Mom's cancer is back
Have no idea why you post this on hltv. But my symphaties if its true.. Pathetic and not something to mock if you are lying.
Mom's cancer is back
Haha.. Hi Rasmus P.
Why are all cs players white?
Because blacks got huge penis.