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it was good but not epic. They were all aligned and stanislaw just failed hard on not hitting one single shot lol. More like enemies mistakes than actually making a huge play. Imo a huge play was s1...
how did brazil fuck up so hard?
To be honest I think it`s because we were " colonized" by Portugal... . Also, huge part of it is because of the leftists destroying us with a massive corruption problem.
FURIA xddddddddddddddd
I would love if they did! Would trigger MiBR players and I would love to see them doing it back ! We need some emotion in games. It makes it enjoyable to see (in my opinion)!
FURIA xddddddddddddddd
They are both brazilian teams and they are used to play against each others. I really don`t see it as BM, altho they are maybe aware that KNG gets triggered easy and they`re trying to get him mad to d...
Why such hate towards them? So what if they are asking for donations to keep pursuing their dreams? You are not obligated to do so. It`s not like they are a bad team. They are actually pretty decen...
Fallen knifed
You guys play too much matchmaking to worry bout this...
Brazilian/Portuguese Music
Dude, most of my gringo friends love brazilian funk (not becouse of the lyrics, obviously, but the beat is cool)":
xyp9x girlfriend
I find it funny that 80% of people commenting here saying she is not good looking etc never even touched a girl in their lifes... So many disrespectful comments. Shame on you guys...
TACO earnings
To be honest I disagree with you. He is those kind of players that do anything for the good of the team. If they need someone to hold B solo, there he is. If they need someone being the entry , there ...
400$ phone
+1. Here in brazil prices for a phone is just plain stupid so I gave a shot on a xiaomi when I went to Shanghai last year and I was impressed on how good they are.
Fnx money? BR people come here pls
He has rich friends. That`s it. He has a clothing brand and probably still have some money from all the tournaments he won etc. (I said probably becouse who knows... He doesnt seem to me like a guy w...
TeamOne vs ex-Atmosphere
The main problem for team one is their strats. They are a pretty good team, they have really talented players (trk should be in a team like LG imo), BUT, they have some really damn stupid strategies. ...
Brazil please explain!
What you mean? In Brazil we have the compulsory military enlistment for every guy that turnn out 18. If you are not chosen to join in, you have to "pledge allegiance" to Brazilian flag etc. If you don...
the scout god!!!
Nah, wasn't nig... He said Que ota negão? Something like que ota bro?
eUnited vs FURIA
Problem is Teamone never really played a really tight game. They relied too much on trk owning everyone every game. They play some weird rounds that look they dont even have strats made for it. Furia ...