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gla1ve nVidia settings
Are people still believing in this nvidia bullshit????
d0cc fpl match
They should ban everyone with more than 1.2kills/round...cause thats how cs go works.
RIP Astralis
Now compare this to 2015: NiP just lost fiff, c9 is just an above average NA team which means nothing in 2015, Kinguin yikes, Luminosity a young team of unexperienced players, Envy just the french sce...
ecovice #1
Why do people fall for these ridiculous baits???????
2019 wild predictions
Yep, yet i would be terrified to be anywhere near you on the spectrum.
2019 wild predictions
I dont even know if he is trolling or not...i just cant tell....
People who speak the truth are hated by those who can't handle it
I am surprised enough you can spell truth.
useful languages in 2019
Why so autistic edit: nvm you´re from italy
useful languages in 2019
Not putting english #1...you shouldnt make these threads if you are mentally deficient.
Ranking gun by player
He also gets a shit ton of kills through smokes without doing what gla1ve does.
VP disbanded
Obviously he said that. helps when you are a fan of war and an alcoholic. Whoops was that not mentioned where ever you read that quote?
VP disbanded
Should i also wipe out 3000000 poles before that?
VP disbanded
You mean when poland got ganged on and bent over? Was it that nice for you?
VP disbanded
Dont worry we can still laugh about poland.
Ballon d'Or 2018
Welcome to the Ballon d´Or where Ronaldo gets a trophy unless another player with above average achievements for himself is willing to pay the jury.