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Playing Ducks vs Gambit Youngsters
germany cs blah blah blah
Playing Ducks vs Gambit Youngsters
Round over - Winner: T (5 - 4) - Enemy eliminated veniq killed supra with ak47 (headshot) supra + Ax1Le (assist) killed Fischkoppp with aug veniq killed nafany with ak47 Fischkoppp planted the bomb...
DreamEaters vs HAVU
3-7 > 8-7 > 9-16 its so hilarious hahahaha,csgo is dying
Unique vs Heretics
15-15 inc
Syman vs HAVU
but its should be 5-10 xd.the pistol was fixed
Syman vs HAVU
why continue 6-10? lol
Singularity vs ATK
Lmao 3. ATK picked Inferno . those african monkeys defense is just like nova.
Lazarus vs INTZ
Just disbands .brazilian moon keys
Envy vs INTZ
since when Nuke became a T site map?
ad hoc vs LDLC
Round over - Winner: T (12 - 7) - Enemy eliminated MALI + dav1dK (assist) killed Kensia with m4a1 (headshot) MALI killed MAJ3R with m4a1 MALI + alexRr (assist) killed Happy with m4a1 (headshot) Hap...
ad hoc vs LDLC
Round over - Winner: CT (3 - 8) - Bomb defused alexRr defused the bomb alexRr killed Happy with awp (headshot) Happy + SIXER (assist) killed P4TriCK with ak47 P4TriCK killed SIXER with m4a1 SIXER ...
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
RIZZZ planted the bomb (5on3) stadodo killed hns with sg556 (headshot) obj killed Per0N with awp Round started esea rank F?
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
Round over - Winner: T (12 - 6) - Enemy eliminated pr killed VANITY with ak47 (headshot) RIZZZ killed Per0N with ak47 (headshot) VANITY + hns (assist) killed obj with ump45 RIZZZ + JUST (assist) k...
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
quix + Per0N (assist) killed obj with ak47 Round over - Winner: CT (2 - 10) - Target saved obj killed WolfY with ak47 WolfY + hns (assist) killed JUST with awp WolfY killed stadodo with awp JUST +...
Lazarus vs Final Feature
Ez for twitszz and tenz'son RObby