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Playing with brits
idk where people get this from, most brits i play with are pretty chill
getting hyped after a 4k is normal, he still respects these guys massively, as do most pros
WHITES come here!
No, Yes, Benefits
Your cs goals
My eventual goal is to get global and/or faceit lvl10
I guess your AGE v2 (99% right)
hours: 3047 player: Niko rank: mg1 / faceit lvl 6 film: the hateful eight
i Rate your PC
my primary monitor is 120hz but secondary only 60
Right wing morality?
things that are moral: - making other people's lives better - making other people's lives neither better nor worse things that are immoral: - making other people's lives worse
I rate your HLTV name 1-10
i Rate your PC
CPU: i7-4790 @ 3.6GHz RAM: 16gb DDR3 Motherboard: RoG Maximus VII GPU: GTX 970 with 8gb VRAM PSU: 750w, no clue on brand tbh I built this in 2017 Cooling: 7 Noctua Fans + Radiator over cpu Case: Corsa...
gun haters come here
shouldn't, but executing them and taking their stuff wouldn't do much good either
Brits come here (serious)
nah the speech/quote marks are right, if you're referring to another real/fake bit of speech then you put quote marks
Pro's cheating thread
I don't understand, or OP doesn't?
Pro's cheating thread
Clip 1: looks fishy, but let’s say he is wh, why would he fire and then stop firing before the guy even peeks the angle? Most likely he panic-sprayed bc he was nervous in 1on1 Clips 2 and 3 literally...
for all meat eaters
i'll have one of those, grilled for 10m, with hp bbq sauce on white toast at 11am tomorrow. Cheers