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apex 20 bomb
impressive :D well done!
911 was done by?
AT&T in 1968
Marry, fuck, kill
thats a tough one LOL
its not natural, but its the choice that a person can have this days.
shroud RACIST
much love
shroud RACIST
whats racist about calling a brazilian player - brazilian? people are over sensitive... seriously everyone need to chill the F up.
shroud RACIST
getting tilted doesnt mean he's racist...he didn't say any racist thing tbh...
Navi with Russian flag
not gonna happen, ukraine org...
Israel and Palestine
yeah and jewish around 4000 years ago...you can go back how much you want, you can only look at who was the last empire controlling the area...the british and french colonization
Israel and Palestine
just to be clear, palestine was a roman territory, was never a declared country. the arabs and the jew were given areas to live in (by the british and french who controlled and owned the place) the je...
Is S1mple okey
uhm...its nice to win and all, but its not like defeating astralis...+it doesnt really feel good to carry all the time.
why hate Jews?
simple logic: you bomb us, you get opressed (not really opressed but fake media says so), you live peacefully, you will be treated fantastically... just like russia and ukraine, just like usa and her ...
arya stark dies episode 2
ence tier 3
saying ence is lower then tier 1 is just pure stupidity, they play superb csgo. on the other hand giving navi top4 place in hltv is just absurd... at most tier 3 team with 2 tier 1 players...all the o...
fat = choice of life
ty, its not really hard, just having a better state of mind, set a goal, and say fk the world and go for it... still not fully satisfied with my body