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TabseN = Budget NiKo
lol, tabsen can be top 10 player, he is held back by 3 bots and xantares...
oNLiNe cS
no, its where the upcoming stars can shine but way too fast so they start BMing the real pros...so when they will attend a big LAN they will shit their pants.
Ryzen 3300X (150 USD)
AMD vfm currently destroys intel in every section of the gaming market... the 6-10% performance differences doesnt worth 150$ difference in price...(comparison between 10900x to 3900x)
Ryzen 3300X (150 USD)
most of them doesnt pass the 100w mark..
with all the respect. you completely misdirected my case here, above 70% of intel's profits, doesn't come from the private consumer (like me and you), it comes from companies who has servers, such as ...
its funny that people actually think that intel's money comes from the private consumer who buys i3-i9 processors... when its actually less then 20$ of their income... the server processors like the x...
bish please - GAZA
FPL drama fix!
lol nothing to do with scene or no scene, give me a break...from 2016-2019 (until zywoo showed up magnificently) france wasnt a factor in csgo, while being one of the largest cs countries in the world...
FPL drama fix!
just remove the new bots who think they deserve a spot at a top tier players game...pure skill - zero brain...disrespect in sport outside eSports is usually managed with punishments.
fav Jap p*rnstar
idk, it just seems wrong in so many ways
fav Jap p*rnstar
yeah, i see what your saying
fav Jap p*rnstar
i dont get it, who the f**k like the part of porn where the jap actresses moan like little 6 years old girls... seems like a way to satisfy a pedophile mind.