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r8 my bodyy
na kakoi farme ti sidel xDDDDDDDDDD
r8 my bodyy
its like that when not flexed? maybe consequences of a bad posture or something
favorite rappers??? from your country?
chief keef, nas, mobb deep, mc ride (death gripz), three 6 mafia (whole), ugk
r8 my bodyy
lol dude wtf with your trapezium xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
G2 vs Vega Squadron
G2 vs Vega Squadron
And what did vega do? asnwer the damn question xDDDD
CS GO world cup.
Brazil should have TACO, best supportive cs player in last year Sweden is alright but -GTR France kio and nbk with shox/kS not a good idea, better take team Vitality and maybe put kenny in it somehow ...
1050 or 1050ti
then why u want to upgrade anything but the screen now? if u dont get crazy drops inside of smokes (like to 10-20 frames) then u wont notice difference at all.. better to go with 144hz/144fps than 90h...
so far in 2019 @ 31/1. dude scene is not 1 month old and it literally was holidays with no t2 matches not to mention t1. jame and cerq xaxaxa lol edit: jame xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD wtf, why not chopper the...
1050 or 1050ti
why u dont need 300 capped, no 144/240 hz? why do u need more than ~120 fps then? i have 7600 + 1050ti, its fine for playing 144hz @ 1024x768 but if i swtich to higher res its doesnt hit 300 capped ev...
1050 or 1050ti
get 1060 6gb at least because 1050ti wont get you 300 frames capped even 90% of the time on 1024x768 (with everything low, without msaa) so if u wanna play higher res it would be a way better deal. an...
Dream watch?
i like skeletons but to actually wear it i'd get breitling for bentley or navitimer with steel bracelet, or rolex gmt
s1mple RUIN
navis CEO recently said that a single player buyout is nowhere around 1mil and is like 500-600k. when he was asked about the most expensive player on team
RIP Major Viewership
chanting info and you know i said about that but still trying to make folks look better or something right? pathetic kid
RIP Major Viewership
i agree, PGL krakow was the worst major but at the other hand USA crowd sucks. like in boston finals faze-c9; no soundproofs and the crowd always chanting..