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Too slow for my taste :c
Gender and sex
my iq is too low
I feel the same mate :( But thats mainly because all people around me seems quicker, smarter etc, than me. Thats because im on a quite good school, so in total, i could be still above average. But it ...
Best 16:9 Players ?
My life is so good
Im a faze fan, since they were playing under kinguin (scream, jkeam, aizy, maikelele, rain) if i remember correctly. Doesnt matter if they are winning or not, ill be their fan;)
just shut your mouth lmao... you embarassed yourself
EXTREMUM vs Izako Boars
I would be hella scared of Clax if I met him on the street haha... Fcking mix in between a zombie and an alien... Sorry mate, that's how it is..im not handsome either
the biggest mistake i regret
Sold my btc back in 2015 :c feelsbadman
fulltime csgo bettor ama v2
i think im actually really good at analyzing matches,im just a little too emotional about losing bets... and tend to rage bet and other similar stuff.
kickboxing or boxing?
250lb 6.6foot ripped alpha making 32k usd a month as a dj.. i know.
kickboxing or boxing?
No athletes on hltv. We compete only in eating pizza and burgers. How many burgers in 5 minutes(sprint) or how many burgers until you faint (thats our marathon)
fulltime csgo bettor ama v2
I made smth like 1.15btc (12000usd cca from 200usd) during summer and havent bet since .. I was wondering if I should come back and bet a little more seriously nad safely...
fulltime csgo bettor ama v2
What is the biggest amount you bet ... percentage wise... 1-2%